Although the temperatures during various months may seem reasonable, don’t be fooled. The desert and its breathtaking canyons are an ever changing aspect to this region. In the spring and summer months, visitors will discover moderately warm temperatures from the low to mid 70s and 80s as high as 110 degrees during the summer. At nighttime, temperatures are moderate but can dip into the 30s and 40s. In the winter and fall, temperatures fall into the 50s and 60s during the daytime and below freezing at night. Desert storms in the area flood campgrounds and provide a necessary source of water for the creek and for the tribe. With the occasional violent summer thunderstorm, however, runoff has been known to destroy fields and homes. A flash flood in 1910 wiped out the village. Subsequent floods in later years have forced residents from their homes. Heavy rains are also known to alter the landscape around the three nearby waterfalls. Precipitation in the region is typically moderate averaging up to nine inches in rain and a little over an inch in snow annually. The monsoon season in the area usually runs from July through late August.