The most popular of the three falls near the Havasupai Reservation, Havasu Falls stands at 120 feet high. The waterfall sits along Havasu Creek which is located around two miles from the reservation. No fish of any kind can be found in the creek. Like the surrounding two waterfalls, Havasu drops into a turquoise colored pool of water that is excellent for swimming. It is recommended that visitors come during the warmer months to experience swimming in the clear pool. Each of three falls attributes its blue-green color to the high concentration of lime deposits in the area. Additional sticks and leaves that end up trapped in travertines help build the terraces and aid in the color of the water. Havasu, like the surrounding two falls, is surrounded by vegetation. The waterfall can be found two miles down the canyon from the village with the sound of the Havasu Creek roaring nearby. Havasu Falls is hidden from the trail that leads to both Mooney and Navajo Falls. Reaching the waterfall requires crossing the creek. Caution is advised as waters can move swiftly.