Spanning 275 feet wide, 290 feet high, with a top that's 42 feet wide, this natural wonder sits in the canyons carved by small streams branching off of the Colorado River. A sacred place to Native Americans, the bridge offers a place of prayer for good fortune. In Native American culture, rainbows signify guardians of the universe. Due to the steep canyons, dense brush, and areas of water, access to the Rainbow Bridge was virtually inaccessible until the creation of Lake Powell. It was not until 1909 when the first public sighting of the bridge was named by the Douglass-Cummings party. Two parties set out to discover the span but later combined forces to find its location. Upon coming down what is now Bridge Canyon, the two exploration teams discovered the bridge. President William Howard Taft declared it a national monument in 1910.

Below is Teddy Roosevelt and his group camping out near Rainbow Bridge