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rafting hoover dam tour

Calgary Herald

For a closer view of the Hoover Dam than the one you'll get careening down the zipline cables in picturesque Bootleg Canyon, book a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon from Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters. Dont be tempted by the cheap fares for the bus tours - unless you want to spend 14 hours on the road, splurge for the four hours door-to-door whirlybird option. Each chopper can hold up to six guests...

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Coming to Las Vegas and lose the opportunity to experience the beauty of the world famous Grand Canyon can be considered a walk in a half. However, to enjoy time in the city, many tourists fail to discover this unique place due to lack of information or fear of spending too much time on the road. For this and other reasons, the helicopter rides are gaining more and more tourists from all over the world...

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Phoenix Magazine

Climb into a whirly bird for a bracing aerial trip through the state's creme de la creme of scenic gateways: the Grand Canyon. Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters begins its Grand Celebration tour with a flyby of the Hoover Dam, a 6.6 million ton arch gravity dam that single handedly kept 21,000 workers out of the poor house during its construction in the Depression-ravage of the 1930's...

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Las Vegas Sun

A marriage proposal involving a helicopter might seem like a scene from reality TV, but according to Papillon Helicopters, its not that uncommon. Raul De La Cruz, marketing supervisor for Papillon Helicopters, said grooms have popped the question aboard helicopters circling the Las Vegas Strip, and the base of the Grand Canyon. This grand gesture comes at a price though. The Vegas Strip Tour is $104 per person or $624 total to charter the helicopter, that holds six passengers...

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Hiking the Grand Canyon is great for active people, but getting all the way to the bottom (and climbing back out) would be a challenge for even the fittest families. A helicopter tour can take you to the bottom and let you explore your kids are guaranteed to get a new appreciation for geology and their earth sciences!

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The Papillon tour company shuttles visitors by [bus] from Vegas hotels to the[ir] Boulder City airport, where customers await their turn to board one of the 4 helicopters. Standing in the airport lounge waiting for my name to be called, I heart party after party called from Spain, Brazil, the UK, Canada, and other countries around the world. Only once did i hear a stat beside my own welcomed. Perhaps, as Americans, we take for granted that we will have endless opportunities to explore our own natural wonders, maybe we just dont realize how impressive our native countryside is...

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Clarin Newspaper (Argentina)

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Where Magazine

We're letting Papillon take care of all our helicopter travel needs-- it offers numerous customizable excursions to the Grand Canyon...

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USA Today

"Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, the largest air-tour operator around the Grand Canyon, spent $185 million on a fleet of quieter aircraft, including the EcoStar Helicopters..."

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