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Question: What languages are available for this tour?

Answer: Grand Canyon Tours are offered in 11 different languages: Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, French, Dutch, Cantonese, Mandarin, German, Korean, and English.

Question: Do I need a VISA or passport or are there any special health requirements?

Answer: All passengers booked on a tour must have government issued forms of identification, no EXCEPTIONS!

Question: What days do the tours operate?

Answer: All our tours operate 364 days a year. We are closed on Christmas day.

Question: What hotels do you pick up from?

Answer:Las Vegas Hotel pickups can be found by clicking here.

Question: Do you pick up from private residences?

Answer:No. We offer hotel pick ups only.

Question: Do your tours pick up from McCarran Intl Airport?

Answer: Yes we do pick up from McCarran Intl Airport.

Question: What departure times do you offer?

Answer: Most tours and flights have many departures ranging from early morning to late afternoon and evening.

Question: Do your tours operate on Christmas or any other public holiday?

Answer:Generally, all of our tours operate every day of the year except Christmas. Our selection on Christmas day is limited to airplane and bus tours only.

Question: I am not staying at a hotel. Can I still get a pickup?

Answer: We offer hotel pick ups only. However, a passenger does not need to be staying at a hotel to be picked up at one. Passenger making their way to the nearest major hotel can be picked up by one of our shuttles. Please contact reservations to make arrangements.

Question: I'd like a customized tour for myself and/or my group?

Answer: Our groups and incentives department would be happy to assist you. Please click here for their contact information.

Question: Where is your Boulder City Terminal?

Answer: [ Click here for a map ]

Question: What ages does child pricing apply to?

Answer: Papillon considers children to be between the ages of 2 through 11. Infants ages 0 to 1 will fly free but must sit on the lap of the parent/guardian. Passengers ages 12 and up must pay the adult rate.

Question: Is my credit card safe?

Answer: We use industry standard security methods and encryption to protect both your credit card and your personal information during the booking process!

Question: What is your cancellation policy?

Answer: Please click here for our full cancellation policy. Additionally it can be found by click the "Cancellation Policy" link at the bottom of every page.

Question: When do I receive my booking confirmation?

Answer: Immediately after booking we will send you a receipt confirming that we received your booking request. Within 24 hours (though often almost within the hour) you will receive your tour confirmation at the email address you entered during booking.

Question: Can I book a tour when I arrive?

Answer: Of course! We are happy to take booking on arrival. However, better prices are available online and we often sell out our helicopter and airplane tours. Its recommended that you book in advance.

Question: I need to cancel my booking.

Answer: Please contact our reservations department. Note that our cancellation policy will apply.

Question: When do I receive my booking confirmation?

Answer: Immediately after booking we will send you an order receipt. This receipt acknowledges that we have received all the information required and that your credit card was successfully processed. Within 24 hours you will receive your tour confirmation at the email address you entered during booking.

Question: Can I book over the telephone?

Answer: Of course! However, better prices may be available online.

Question: What happens if I do not show up?

Answer: No show reservations will be cancelled if the passenger has not checked in at least 15 minutes prior to flight time. Our full cancellation policy will apply.

Question: I am traveling in a group. Do you have services for us or, perhaps, a group discount program?

Answer: We have a variety of group service programs available to you! Small groups can even be booked directly on our website! See our Groups and Incentives page for full details.

Question: I don't know what date I'm traveling yet. Can I book a tour and leave the date open?

Answer: Not at this time.

Question: I keep getting a credit card declined error message while trying to book. What do I do?

Answer: Our reservation center staff are very knowledgeable and will be happy to help you complete your booking.

Question: It has been 24 hours since I booked and I have not received my booking confirmation. I'm not sure if my booking was processed?

Answer: We go to great lengths to insure that your booking confirmations get through to you. However, in this era of spam filters and automatic mail sorters things can get lost. If you have not received your confirmation please feel free to contact our reservations center.

Question: When sending a special inquiry or request, what do I do if I don't get an answer within 24 hours?

Answer: Depending on the complexity of your request it could take slightly longer then 24 hours to respond. We don't wish to waste your time with pointless emails and, as such, will only respond with emails of substance. If you have an urgent need please feel free to contact our reservations center.

Question: Do you have a fuel surcharge?

Answer: Yes, however the surcharge is already included in the price of any tour booked online.

Question: Do you have a surcharge for customers of size?

Answer: Airplanes and helicopters have a maximum weight capacity as well as other restrictions on that govern the balance of the aircraft. All airplane and/or helicopter passengers will be weighed at time of check in. Passengers exceeding 300lbs (136.36kg / 21.43 stone) will be charged a fee for an additional comfort seat. This fee is based on the product and ranges from $50 to $200.

Question: I need to change the passenger names in my booking. What do I do?

Answer: Passenger name changes can be made by contacting our Live Chat Help or you can contact our reservations department at our toll free number: 1(888)-635-7272.

Question: I would like to change the date of my tour. What do I do?

Answer: Contact our reservations center to make the change in advance or inform your customer service agent at check-in.

Question: If I book online or on the phone and then find a coupon can I get the difference as a credit?

Answer: No, coupon codes need to be mentioned at the time of booking. Coupons have limited offer dates, expiration dates or are based on availability.

Question: Can I change or amend my booking?

Answer: Bookings may be modified up to 24 hours prior to flight time.

Question: I need to cancel my booking.

Answer: Please contact our reservations center for assistance. Please note that cancellations within 24 hours are subject to our cancellation policy.