Departure Location: Page, Lake Powell
Destination: Page, Lake Powell
Tour Duration: 30-35 minutes
Price: $$

Tour Features


What's Included:

  • Aerial flight from Page Municipal Airport
  • Scenic views of Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge
  • Tour Duration: 30-35 minutes

Take to the skies aboard our Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge Air tour! You will be treated to aerial views of the Rainbow Bridge, one of the Worlds largest natural stone arches and Lake Powell, the second largest man made lake in the United States. Formerly an impressive canyon before the construction of Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell sports more shoreline than the east coast of the USA. The lake provides recreation to thousands of people annually while the Glen Canyon Dam helps control flooding along the Colorado River.

Bring your I.D. - All passengers booked on a tour must have government issued forms of identification.

Be sure to book your tour as early in your trip as possible.

Water: You may bring a bottle of water, however the bottle is not allowed to be opened in aircraft.

Don’t forget your camera! Cameras and phones are allowed and encouraged, but please be aware that the use of “Selfie Sticks” and extending camera poles is strictly prohibited in and around the aircraft.

Not sure what to wear? Layered clothing is recommended through the months of March to September, and winter clothing should be worn from October to mid-March.

Wear sensible shoes. The ground at the Grand Canyon is rough, rocky and uneven. It is important to wear sturdy, toe-covering shoes that can handle rough terrain. Sneakers or hiking boots are highly recommended.

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