Departure Location: Las Vegas
Destination: Grand Canyon West
Tour Duration: 3.5 - 4 hours
Price: $$$$

Tour Features

Land at the Bottom

What's Included:

  • Breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon
  • Flight over and views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon
  • Landing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, 4,000 ft. below the rim
  • Light meal & refreshments on the canyon floor
  • Exploration time
  • Aerial views of the Vegas Strip
  • Multi-lingual narration
  • Round trip Limousine hotel transfers included

Your Grand Celebration with Vegas Strip adventure begins when a limousine picks you up from your hotel and takes you to the Atlantic Airport, where you’ll relax in our executive helicopter terminal. From there you’ll step aboard the most advanced tour helicopter that traverses the Grand Canyon – our EC-130 “EcoStar.”

Sit back and enjoy the unparalleled bird’s eye view of Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, several extinct volcanoes, the Colorado River and the beauty of the Mojave Desert.

After you pass the West Rim of the Hualapai Reservation, you’ll begin a breathtaking 4,000 foot descent to the floor of the Grand Canyon. You’ll experience up-close views of ancient rock formations, the Canyon walls and the softly flowing Colorado River, which has been carving the Grand Canyon for billions of years.

Your singular experience continues as you explore the Canyon floor, sit down for a delicious champagne picnic meal and relax under a “ramada,” which is a traditional Hualapai shelter. The gorgeous views don’t end at the canyon. As your helicopter takes you back to where the journey began, you’ll fly over the glamorous Las Vegas Strip.

Tour Duration

Approximately 3.5 - 4 hours hotel to hotel.

Flight Duration

90 minutes

Time spent at the Canyon

30 minutes

Hotel Pick-Up

Passengers are picked up from most major Las Vegas hotels.


Check-in at our terminal facility in the heart of Las Vegas.


Once in the air you will fly over the world famous Hoover Dam, which holds the largest body of water in the Southwest, Lake Mead. Then you will fly over the Grand Canyon and Guano and Eagle Points (home of the Skywalk) on the way to the bottom of the canyon, a 4,000 ft descent.

Exploration and Meal

Enjoy a light meal and exploration time.

Return Flight and Hotel Drop-off

Your pilot will ask you to load back onto the helicopter for your return flight. On the way back you will fly over the world known Vegas Strip. Once you are back you will board a limo and be returned to your hotel.

Bring your I.D. - All passengers booked on a tour must have government issued forms of identification.

Be sure to book your tour as early in your trip as possible.

Water: You may bring a bottle of water, however the bottle is not allowed to be opened in aircraft.

Don’t forget your camera! Cameras and phones are allowed and encouraged, but please be aware that the use of “Selfie Sticks” and extending camera poles is strictly prohibited in and around the aircraft.

Not sure what to wear? Layered clothing is recommended through the months of March to September, and winter clothing should be worn from October to mid-March.

Wear sensible shoes. The ground at the Grand Canyon is rough, rocky and uneven. It is important to wear sturdy, toe-covering shoes that can handle rough terrain. Sneakers or hiking boots are highly recommended.

Our "Front Seat Request" allows you to request the front seats of the aircraft you will be touring in. While every seat aboard any of our touring aircraft have a great view, the front seats offer a bit more privacy and utterly unobstructed photo opportunities.

The final seating arrangement on any helicopter is determined by an automated weight and balance calculator.

The balance of weight onboard a helicopter is critical for flight safety. Since safety is our number one concern it is impossible for us to guarantee you a front seat before all guests have checked in. This is why we do not charge anything to request the seats.

If the aircraft is capable of accommodating your request then the price per seat is $50. This charge is payable when your request is confirmed after check-in. We accept most major credit cards as well as cash & travelers cheque.

EC-130 EcoStar Aircraft

Eurocopter AS350 Family

Charge to Request: Free

Charge if Confirmed: $50.00

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