aStar Seating Chart
EC-130 EcoStar Aircraft

Our "Front Seat Option" allows you to pre select the front seats of your chosen aircraft. While every seat aboard any of our touring aircraft have a great view, the front seats offer a bit more privacy and utterly unobstructed photo opportunities.

The final seating arrangement on any helicopter is determined by an automated

aStar Seating Chart Eurocopter AS350 Family

weight and balance calculation. The balance of weight onboard a helicopter is critical for flight safety. Since safety is our number 1 concern it is impossible for us to guarantee you a front seat before all guests have checked in. This is why we do not charge anything to request the seats.

If the aircraft is capable of accommodating your request (which is highly likely) then the price per seat is $50. This charge is payable when your request is confirmed after check-in. We accept most major credit cards as well as cash & travelers cheque.

Charge to Request: Free
Charge if Confirmed: $50.00 per person