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Discover the West Rim of the Grand Canyon with Papillon

Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

Grand Canyon West, only 125 miles from Las Vegas, is the rugged, less-trafficked alternative to the Grand Canyon National Park. The West Rim is the home of the Skywalk, the world-famous glass-bottomed bridge that extends over 70 feet beyond the canyon's edge. This is also the only region of the Grand Canyon where helicopters can land on the very bottom - which is our specialty! Our Grand Canyon helicopter tours can take you 3,500 feet down all the way to the Colorado River between the ancient canyon walls. Our West Rim tours also include entry onto the Skywalk, meals, and boat rides on the Colorado River!


Visit the bottom of Grand Canyon

A helicopter provides transportation from the rim at Grand Canyon West down to the riverside boat dock.

Over the Edge Helicopter & Boat with Park Entry

Experience aerial views of the West Rim aboard a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, then land on the very bottom and explore between the canyon walls on a Colorado River boat ride!

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Rim and Air Adventures

An aerial view of Guano Point, a famous rock formation at the Grand Canyon West Rim

Flight of the Condor

See Eagle Point, home to the Skywalk, then Guano Pont, and the rest of Grand Canyon West from the comfort of our climate-controlled aircraft. Then embark on a self-guided tour of the rim, including Hualapai Ranch.

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Grand Canyon West Rim Frequently Asked Questions

What is the closest city to the Grand Canyon West Rim?

  • Las Vegas is the closest city to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. The West Rim is approximately a 2-hour drive from Las Vegas and a 3.5-hour drive from Flagstaff, Arizona.

    Why drive when you can fly? Papillon offers multiple helicopter and airplane tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. We even offer convenient hotel pick-up and drop-off at most major Las Vegas hotels.

What is the climate of the Grand Canyon West Rim like?

  • The West Rim experiences a much more consistent desert climate than other rims of the canyon. The West Rim receives approximately 300 sunny days each year. The temperature here ranges between 90-100 F (32-37 C) in summer and 30-40 F (-1-4 C) in winter. The canyon floor at the West Rim is often a higher temperature than the surface due to the heat retention within the canyon walls.

Can I access the Grand Canyon floor at the West Rim?

  • Absolutely! Visitors wishing to experience the canyon floor can do so at the Grand Canyon West. Since it is not part of a national park but, instead, tribal land, the West Rim is the only region of the Grand Canyon that allows helicopter landings on the very bottom. Daily helicopter tours operating at the West Rim transport passengers to the canyon floor near the bank of the Colorado River.

Can I see everything at the Grand Canyon West Rim in one day?

  • Yes! The West Rim is the best option for travelers on a tight schedule. All the major viewpoints and activities at the Grand Canyon West Rim can be accomplished in a single day! A convenient shuttle service can transport guests free of charge to all the best viewpoints, the Grand Canyon Skywalk, and Hualapai Point - a Native American Cultural Center. On West Rim helicopter tours with Papillon, visitors can also land on a private plateau of the canyon floor with plenty of time to explore.

Is there an entrance fee for the Grand Canyon West Rim?

  • If you are not booking a tour through Papillon, you’ll pay a stand-alone entry fee to enter the West Rim. Since the West Rim is not inside the Grand Canyon National Park, all visitors must pay the fee and National Park passes are not valid. Current fees are listed here.

Is the Grand Canyon West Rim entrance fee included with my Papillon tour?

  • Yes! With Papillon's world-class helicopter or airplane tours, you'll receive a pass to the West Rim. Plus you'll get to experience once-in-a-lifetime views during your tour. That's a price you just can't beat! The price of each tour of the West Rim Grand Canyon is listed online next to the booking location. With Papillon what you see is what you get. Our lowest prices are available online - taxes and fees included!

Is the Grand Canyon Skywalk worth visiting the West Rim for?

  • There is a reason why the Grand Canyon Skywalk is the most popular tourist attraction at the Grand Canyon! Picture yourself gazing out over the expanse of ancient rock while suspended 4,000 feet above a glass bridge you can see through the boom of; all the way to the Grand Canyon floor! There is nothing quite like the Grand Canyon Skywalk and, since opening in 2007, this glass cantilever bridge has quickly become one of the most talked about activities in the entire Southwest. If you're visiting the Grand Canyon West Rim, the Skywalk will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your tour.


Visit the Grand Canyon West Rim

The Grand Canyon West Rim is owned and operated by the Hualapai Indian Tribe. This region is the home of breathtaking lookout points such as Eagle Point and Guano Point, the glass-bottomed Skywalk bridge, and Hualapai Point - a Native American cultural center with plenty of activities, shopping, and food. Free shuttle service can transport you to each of these locations, so you can experience the entire West Rim during your trip. You can even travel to the very bottom aboard a Papillon helicopter tour!

Grand Canyon West Rim Helicopter Tours

Our daily Grand Canyon West helicopter tours offer the chance for passengers to land at the very bottom of the canyon. You can even choose a helicopter tour that includes champagne and a light picnic on a private plateau of the canyon floor.

There's a reason Papillon is the largest and most experienced Grand Canyon helicopter tour company. Safety, comfort, and service are our top priorities. We are proud to fly the most advanced tour helicopters available and have more than 50 years of superior service transporting guests to the Grand Canyon.

Discover all West Rim helicopter tours today.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Tours

Eagle Point at Grand Canyon West houses the Hualapai’s famous Grand Canyon Skywalk. This horseshoe shaped, glass- bottomed structure floats over the canyon floor, allowing visitors to feel as if they're are walking on air thousands of feet above the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River below. 

The Grand Canyon Skywalk Experience is the perfect trip to experience this architectural marvel!

Grand Canyon West Attractions

Aside from the beautiful scenery, there's plenty to do at the Grand Canyon West. Hop on the local free shuttle and visit Hualapai Point, where you can shop for authentic Native American crafts, eat at the Hualapai-inspired Gwe-Ma’jo restaurant, or wander the nearby hiking and biking trails. You can even ride the zipline or try your skill in the shooting gallery!

The shuttle can also take you to Guano Point, a massive stone peninsula that extends toward the center of the Grand Canyon. You can find beautiful 360-degree views here, or you can climb the summit at the end for an even more impressive viewpoint!