National Geographic Visitors Center

Located in Tusayan, AZ, the National Geographic Visitors Center provides the most comprehensive information for guests visiting the Grand Canyon National Park. As the only official Arizona Office of Tourism available in Tusayan and the Grand Canyon, the center offers an array of media and literature on Arizona’s notable sights, though mainly focusing on Arizona’s high country.

Visitors are supplied, at no additional cost, with an assortment of maps, brochures, and sights of interest at the Visitors Center, all with the objective to make the Canyon more memorable and enjoyable. Visitors can also get a different glimpse of the Canyon by checking out the surface terrain model. The model, created with satellite technology, presents the entire Canyon in a satellite view, which helps put the size of the Canyon into perspective.

The Visitors Center is home to the Grand Canyon IMAX Theater, which shows the Grand Canyon IMAX Movie Discovery and Adventure daily. The small, shallow-draft boats used in the filming are on display, as is a gallery with photos from the film too. Kids can get in on the action at the Kids Corner, which offers activities for all ages including educational crafts, games and books for children; Internet access to National Geographic’s kid’s web site; as well as having a picture taken for a personal cover of National Geographic Magazine. Complete with a food court and gift shop, full of National Geographic merchandise, the Visitors Center is a great stop for families.

IMAX Theatre Complex and Movie

The IMAX© Theater Complex is located inside the National Geographic Visitors Center. One of the first IMAX theaters ever built, the Grand Canyon IMAX Movie Discovery & Adventure is screened their daily, giving visitors the only chance to take in all of the Grand Canyon’s spectacular vistas and its history in 34 minutes. Discovery & Adventure, which shows hourly at half-past the hour, averages 125 people for the twelve daily shows, 365 days a year.

Over 11 million people have sat in the air-conditioned theater and witnessed the Canyon’s lush scenery on a six-story high and 82 feet wide screen, which is complemented by a six-track Dolby© stereo surround sound system. With plush seating, the 524-seat theater is wheel-chair accessible and an ideal place to see the hidden Canyon experience that no tour offers.