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At Papillon, we want each and every one of our guests to enjoy a comfortable and carefree sightseeing experience. If you or a member of your party require special accommodation or are concerned about wheelchair accessibility, see the guide below for information that can help you plan your trip. Please contact our reservations department to learn more about how we can accommodate you and to discuss options for transportation to our terminal.

Las Vegas

A Grand Canyon helicopter tour flies over the nearby Lake Mead en route to the park.

The Golden Eagle Air Tour is perfect for Las Vegas guests who are pressed for time and desire to see as much of the Grand Canyon as possible. This tour includes aerial views of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead as well as the spectacular Grand Canyon.

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See a little of everything on this airplane tour! From Lake Mead to Hoover Dam, the Colorado River to the glorious Grand Canyon West Rim, you can get phenomenal aerial views of them all.

Aerial view of people walking the Grand Canyon Skywalk
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Discover the magic of the Hualapai land on this flight to Grand Canyon West. Experience Eagle Point, a massive natural sculpture in the canyon rock, or venture out to the edge of Guano Point to be surrounded by colossal stone walls on all sides.

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A famous bird-shaped rock formation found at the Grand Canyon West Rim known as Eagle Point.

Climb aboard our state-of-the-art motorcoach for an incomparable sightseeing extravaganza to the Grand Canyon, a land form to put all other land forms to shame.

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This sensational flight to the South Rim includes a self-guided ground tour of the Grand Canyon National Park. See the awe-inspiring colors of the canyon walls from several notable viewpoints.

Our state-of-the-art motorcoach will take you to one of the most scenic National Parks in the country. Witness the majesty of the Grand Canyon from several spectacular viewpoints and revel in the surrounding nature and forestry.

Let us drive you to Hoover Dam in a comfortable motorcoach. At Hoover Dam, you will explore its advanced innerworkings and can even stand atop this massive construction to look down 700 feet.

Realize your dream of flight with our Lake View Helicopter Tour! This flight covers approximately five miles in the air and flies toward incredible Lake Mead, providing amazing views.

Lift off on an exciting helicopter flight that offers amazing views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Colorado River. This tour covers approximately 10 miles flying at 2,500 feet above Hoover Dam.

Guests and passersby at Hoover Dam Lodge have the opportunity to see Lake Mead and Hoover Dam by air aboard a state-of-the-art Papillon helicopter. Passengers will continue on down the Colorado River to Black Canyon.

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Grand Canyon National Park

A red and white airplane flies over the Grand Canyon in a clear sky.

Travel from the canyon's South Rim to the East Rim aboard one of our Vistaliner airplanes. This budget-friendly tour provides breathtaking views of a large spread of canyon sights, including Imperial Point - a freestanding stone column formed by nature.

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A rainbow helicopter flies over the Grand Canyon and Colorado River.

Fly over the rich Kaibab Forest before soaring off over the widest and deepest part of Grand Canyon; the Dragon Corridor. Experience and photograph towering rock formations, deep majestic valleys, and some of the oldest geology known to mankind.

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A helicopter tour seen mid-flight over the Grand Canyon.

Explore the North & South Rim - the deepest section of the canyon, boasting 1.7 million year old stone - all from the EcoStar, a helicopter offering 180-degree viewing and stadium-style seat design.

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Grand Canyon West Rim

A red helicopter flies through a clear blue sky.

Helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon West Rim that includes sights of the Skywalk Bridge and Colorado River.

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Antelope Canyon / Lake Powell

A Papillon Helicopter flying above Lake Powell.

Get your camera ready to capture the serene beauty of Lake Powell, the engineering marvel of Glen Canyon Dam, and the curious curve of Horseshoe Bend with this one-of-a-kind helicopter tour.

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On this flight from Arizona, passengers will fly over stunning parts of Lake Powell's incredible 2,000 miles of shoreline. Guests also get an aerial view of Horseshoe Bend, a famously unusual curve in the Colorado River.

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Both our Twin Otter and Cessna Caravan aircraft provide enough space in the baggage compartment to store wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. Motorized wheelchairs can be stored if space allows; however collapsible wheelchairs are recommended when possible. For loading purposes, please relay to staff if your motorized wheelchair uses a wet or dry battery at time of booking. Passengers will be informed at check-in if space limitations prohibit the transportation of their wheelchair. Passengers requiring boarding assistance must have a companion present to help. For passenger safety, our staff cannot assist in boarding or disembarking an aircraft unless in case of emergency. Passengers must be able to use airplane seat during flight.


Our helicopters can stow collapsible wheelchairs with detachable wheels and other compact mobility equipment. Motorized wheelchairs are not permitted onboard the helicopters. Be advised that for passenger safety, our staff cannot assist in boarding or disembarking an aircraft except in cases of emergency. Passengers must be able to use aircraft seat during flight.


With 3-day advance notice, our luxury motorcoaches can be fully-equipped with wheelchair access doors and ample wheelchair space. Be advised that for passenger safety, our staff cannot assist in boarding or disembarking a motorcoach except in cases of emergency. Passengers requiring assistance boarding must have companion present to help.

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Each of our terminals are fully prepared to accommodate guests requiring extra assistance, wheelchairs, and other mobility equipment. All locations are furnished with a paved entryway and boarding area, ample space in our lounges and seating areas, ramps, and accessible restrooms. Our terminals in Boulder City, Grand Canyon West, and Grand Canyon South, the locations of our most popular tours, are equipped with either a lift or a boarding ramp for easy entry and disembarking of the aircraft.