A billboard outside an IMAX theater advertises a Grand Canyon film.

IMAX - A Grand Canyon Experience You Don't Want to Miss!

There is so much to see and do at the Grand Canyon National Park - but first-time visitors typically make their first stop at the National Geographic Visitor Center. The Visitor Center is just a short distance from the Grand Canyon Airport, and is actually en route to the canyon itself. Here, visitors have the perfect opportunity to start out their adventure by browsing a variety of exhibits, fueling up with lunch, and best of all - previewing the vast magnificence of the South Rim awaiting them with a breathtaking Grand Canyon IMAX film.

The theater in the National Geographic Visitor Center contains a six-story movie screen and is equipped with a powerful 12,000 watts of digital surround sound. Sit back and experience the wonder of the Grand Canyon in a way that only IMAX can capture. This 35-minute film, titled “Grand Canyon: the Hidden Secrets”, creates the illusion of soaring over the canyon gorges, plunging down to the Colorado River a mile below, and even a simulated whitewater rafting adventure.

This film not only provides an exhilarating visual journey, it also offers fascinating facts about the history of the Grand Canyon and details about its geology and formation. There’s no better way to educate children about the Grand Canyon - while also keeping them at the edge of their seats!

Moviegoers will enjoy air-conditioning during their film - a welcome escape from the often scorching desert temperatures. The theater has the capacity to entertain up to 488 individuals per showing, which makes it an ideal activity for large groups like bus tours. Large groups are also eligible for discounted tickets. Additionally, the theater has enough space to accommodate 8 wheelchairs.

During the summer season, the theater offers up to 13 showings per day, while the winter season offers a matinee and an evening showing. Ticket prices vary for adults, military, seniors, and children - though children under 5 are free with a paying adult. International guests can enjoy the film in 8 languages, including French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, and English.

For those looking for the perfect souvenir, DVD version of the film is also available for purchase at the Visitor Center. Visitors to the Grand Canyon can relive their adventure and share it with friends.