A man standing at the edge of Horseshoe Bend Arizona

All You Need to Know About Visiting Horseshoe Bend Arizona

Horseshoe Bend, located just outside Page, Arizona offers an in-person view of the 1000-foot deep near-circular bend in the Colorado River that has been famously photographed for decades. Recently, Horseshoe Bend overlook has become a top destination for social media influences looking to create an iconic photo worth sharing.

Located in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Horseshoe Bend rests 5 miles downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell, just a short detour off Highway 89. For those already visiting other Page, Arizona sights like Antelope Canyon, an air tour over Horseshoe Bend is an even faster way to experience this landmark.

A helicopter pilot flying over Arizona Horseshoe Bend.

Arizona Horseshoe Bend: What You Need to Know Before Visiting

Our Horseshoe Bend Visitor Guide details many things to do and see around the area, including the slot canyons of Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park, Lake Powell (the second largest man-made lake in the U.S.), and the best tours to see them all.

We offer tour packages that include Antelope Canyon airplane tours and flyover tours like the Horseshoe Bend Air Tour or Horseshoe Bend Flightseeing Tour.

On the Horseshoe Bend Air Tour, your helicopter path flies directly over some of the most beautiful landmarks in the American Southwest. You'll capture incredible photos of Lake Powell, Glen Canyon, and of course Horseshoe Bend!

You can also fly over Horseshoe Bend on an airplane with Papillon's Horseshoe Bend Flightseeing Tour. This tour displays a collection of fantastic desert sights - Lake Powell, Glen Canyon, Glen Canyon Dam, and incredible aerial sights of Horseshoe Bend - in less than an hour's time.

Aerial shot of the hiking trail leading to Horseshoe Bend.

Hiking Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is also accessible for self-tours. There is a parking area about a half mile to the overlook, but be advised that depending on the season and time of day, this parking lot could be full. The walk from the overlook back to the parking lot is also slightly uphill, but listed as accessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.

So what should you bring if you are hiking Horseshoe Bend? Here is what we recommend:

  • Closed-toed shoes - since the trail and overlook is covered in sand, sandals or flip flops will be problematic and even unsafe as the edge leads to a sheer 1000-foot drop to the Colorado River below
  • Sunglasses - the sun can be very unforgiving in the Desert Southwest US
  • Hat and sunscreen - there is very little to no shade on this hike
Person sitting at the edge at Page Arizona Horseshoe Bend.

Photography at Horseshoe Bend

You'll want to capture a ton of photos on this short yet spectacular hike to Horseshoe Bend. Here are some tips for getting the highest quality shots:

  • For ideal photography, the best time to visit Horseshoe Bend is in early morning or late afternoon. At sunset, especially with clouds, the view can be even more spectacular.
  • Wide-angle lens is perfect here to fit this landscape into frame.
  • Bring a tripod for long exposure shots.
  • For cell phone pictures, adjust your settings to wide panoramic.

The landscape around Horseshoe Bend is also home to a variety of wildlife, including bighorn sheep and birds. The nearby Glen Canyon National Recreation Area provides even more recreational opportunities like boating, water skiing, kayaking, and slot canyon hiking. After taking in the breathtaking views from atop Horseshoe Bend, you won't be disappointed with what else this Page AZ has to offer. There's truly something for every traveler visiting Horseshoe Bend!

View of Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona from inside of a helicopter.

Page Arizona Horseshoe Bend Official Information

The city of Page, AZ owns and operates the site and the parking area for Horseshoe Bend. Horseshoe Bend is open year-round from sunrise to sunset, with the best time to visit being in the fall between late September and early November. The official website for the city of Page states that their busiest times of day are between 9am - 11am and 4:30pm - 6:30pm.

The parking lot and trailhead is located off US Highway 89, approximately 5 miles (8 km) south of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Carl Hayden Visitor Center. National Park Passes are not accepted here; the parking facility is owned and operated by the city of Page, Arizona.

Overnight parking or camping at Horseshoe Bend is not permitted.

Horseshoe Bend Entrance Fee

  • Motorcycle: $5
  • Car or RV: $10
  • Commercial Van/Bus: (Passenger Capacity up to 14) $35
  • Commercial Bus: (Passenger Capacity 15-35) $70
  • Commercial Bus: (Passenger Capacity over 35) $140
Horseshoe bend during a sunny day in Page, Arizona.

Horseshoe Bend Arizona FAQs

Why is Horseshoe Bend so famous?

Horseshoe Bend Arizona is a breathtaking natural wonder. It’s no wonder that tourist flock to this remote location – seeing the unusual horseshoe-shaped twist in the Colorado River atop a sheer 1,000-foot drop is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Horseshoe Bend is also nestled in Page, Arizona – an already popular tourist destination for Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell water activities, camping, and more. If you’re visiting Page AZ, you can easily add a visit to Horseshoe Bend to your schedule! 

What is the story of Horseshoe Bend in Arizona?

Horseshoe Bend is one of the most iconic sites in Arizona. Named for its crescent-like shape, Horseshoe Bend has been slowly carved out of the sandstone by the powerful Colorado River for millennia. The site offers awe-inspiring views from the edge of the canyon, with a sheer drop down to the river below. 

How much does it cost to get into Horseshoe Bend Arizona?

Pricing to enter Horseshoe Bend are as follows: 

  • Motorcycle: $5 
  • Car or RV: $10 
  • Commercial Van/Bus: (Passenger Capacity up to 14) $35 
  • Commercial Bus: (Passenger Capacity 15-35) $70 
  • Commercial Bus: (Passenger Capacity over 35) $140 

Is Horseshoe Bend Worth It?

The answer is yes! Horseshoe Bend is a truly unique location on Earth, the only place on the planet where you can see a river twisting into almost a perfect circle. The Colorado River has been eroding this 1000-foot deep canyon for thousands of years, and you can capture its magnificence on a short hike or a Horseshoe Bend tour when you visit Page, Arizona.