Las Vegas Strip with the lights on during nighttime

Experience Las Vegas at Night

Las Vegas is known for its bright lights, bustling casinos and all-day nightlife. But if you're looking for something even more thrilling, Las Vegas at night offers a variety of activities that provide fun for the entire family.

From iconic light shows to unique cultural attractions, there's plenty of things to do in Las Vegas after dark.

The options are simply unlimited. Take a Las Vegas night tour and explore Las Vegas’ illuminated skyline. Or, if you're looking for something more thrilling, try your luck at Las Vegas' famous casinos, or experience some of the world's best live entertainment shows that go on all night long.

From adrenaline filled adventures to interactive experiences, discover our list of the best things to do in Las Vegas at night.

The Bellagio Fountain at nighttime

Things to Do in Las Vegas at Night

No matter what activities you choose to do in Las Vegas at night, you are sure to have an unforgettable time exploring this vibrant city under the stars!

Board an adventurous helicopter ride and catch a glimpse of Las Vegas from above. Explore the vibrant city after dark, catch a fabulous Las Vegas show, or simply admire its beautiful light displays - Las Vegas at night is full of excitement and unforgettable experiences.

Book one of Las Vegas' top night tours today and start planning your perfect evening adventure!

Here is a list of Papillon’s favorite things to do in Las Vegas at night.

The Stardust sign lit up at the Neon Museum

Visit the Neon Boneyard

The Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas is a must-see at night. Located in the downtown area, it possesses an  iconic collection of over 200 vintage neon signs from the 1940s to the present. Many of these signs are lit up after dark, creating a spectacular display of vibrant colors illuminating the sky.

Visitors can experience the charm of yesteryear with a guided tour through the boneyard, which features signs from some of the most famous casinos in town such as Binion's Horseshoe, Frontier Hotel & Casino, Golden Nugget and more. From large billboards to classic marquee signs, these unique pieces of art represent an important part of Las Vegas’ history. Tourists are able to learn more about each sign’s origins and its contribution to Las Vegas’ development. Not only do visitors get to see these nostalgic signs up close; they also get to hear stories from knowledgeable tour guides who bring these forgotten treasures back to life with their anecdotes.

Papillon’s Neon Night Flight Spectacular combines a Las Vegas evening helicopter tour with a  guided tour at The Neon Museum.

The High Roller observation wheel at night on the Las Vegas Strip

Ride the High Roller Observation Wheel

The High Roller Observation Wheel is a one-of-a-kind experience and an essential part of any visit to Las Vegas. The High Roller offers breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip from 550 feet in the air, making it the second-tallest observation wheel in the world.

At night, when all the lights are on and the city is lit up, taking a ride on the High Roller Observation Wheel is an unforgettable experience. Standing over 30 stories high, visitors can take in 360-degree views of Sin City from a unique vantage point. At night, you’ll be able to spot landmarks such as Caesars Palace, The Venetian, The Stratosphere Tower and more.

At night, High Roller riders can choose between two types of experiences: a standard ride or a Happy Half Hour option that includes an open bar inside one of its 28 cabins. For those wanting to add something extra special to their High Roller experience at night there are various packages and VIP options available.

The High Roller Observation Wheel is illuminated by 2,000 LED lights that sparkle brilliantly against the nighttime sky like diamonds in a crown. As you slowly rotate through your ride, you can appreciate why Las Vegas has been known for its glitzy reputation for decades now. It's truly a sight to behold!

Watch the Mirage Volcano Erupt

The Mirage Volcano show is a free, nightly spectacle that takes place in front of the iconic Mirage hotel and casino. It features full-scale eruptions of fire and molten lava, as well as waterfalls cascading down volcano rocks. The entire show lasts approximately seven minutes and concludes with an eruption of fireworks that can be seen from miles away.

The Mirage Volcano show begins at dusk and runs every 30 minutes until 11 pm Sunday through Thursday and until midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. With its location directly on Las Vegas Boulevard, the Mirage Volcano show is one of the most popular attractions in the city. It's a great way to experience Las Vegas’ legendary nightlife first-hand while enjoying some truly stunning visuals. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or a veteran tourist, you won’t want to miss this incredible show!

A photo of the fountain show in front of Bellagio

Visit the Bellagio Fountains

The Bellagio Fountains, located in the Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas, are one of the top things to do in Las Vegas at night.

Every half hour during the evening, more than 1000 jets of water synchronize to music and light up with a stunning show that is truly unforgettable. The Bellagio fountains span 1,214 feet with performances ranging from classical to modern hits. Guests can even submit their own soundtrack requests if they want something special for an upcoming event or occasion.

Watching the Bellagio Fountains is free but visitors must be aware that there may be long lines waiting for prime viewing spots since it has become such a popular attraction. Thus it's best to plan ahead and arrive early for optimal viewing. This  is an unforgettable experience that will leave all visitors with a lifetime of memories. It's no surprise why this has become one of the best things to do in Las Vegas at night!

Book a Las Vegas Bus Tour

Nighttime bus tours in Las Vegas are a great way to experience the city's stunning nightlife. These tours offer breathtaking views of the famous Las Vegas Strip and its many iconic landmarks after dark.

Big Bus Tours Las Vegas offers two different nighttime tours: The Grand Tour, which takes you on an unforgettable journey through the glittering lights of Las Vegas, and the Downtown Tour, which takes you on a tour of downtown’s historic attractions. Both routes provide commentary from knowledgeable guides who share anecdotes about some of the most exciting parts of town. Nighttime bus tours are a great way to explore all that Sin City has to offer after dark!

Watch a Cirque Du Soleil Show at Night

Cirque du Soleil is widely known for its spectacular acrobatic and theatrical performances. Las Vegas hosts several Cirque du Soleil shows, and the nighttime Cirque du Soleil shows are particularly memorable.

The Cirque du Soleil show at Bellagio offers a unique blend of Cirque's iconic aerial acts with classic Las Vegas showmanship. Audiences will be delighted by Cirque’s signature characters, beautiful costumes, innovative staging and stunning special effects. This Cirque performance also features some of the best choreography in the world.

KÀ at The MGM Grand is another highly popular Cirque show in Las Vegas. It tells an epic story through amazing feats of athleticism, acrobatics, and martial arts. The Cirque performers fly through the air, soar high above the stage, and mesmerize with their acrobatic feats. With its innovative use of multimedia technology, KÀ is a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Mystère at Treasure Island also offers a spectacular Cirque performance that features incredible acts of strength and agility from Cirque’s talented cast of performers. Audiences will be amazed by the death-defying tricks and colorful costumes, as well as Cirque’s signature stagecraft.

These incredible Cirque du Soleil shows are sure to delight audiences of all ages with their captivating visual effects, energetic music, and thrilling performances.

Las Vegas East Fremont Street arch entrance sign at night

Visit Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience night shows are a must-see for anyone visiting Las Vegas. Located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street is known as the birthplace of Las Vegas and is home to some of the city's most iconic attractions. Every hour from dusk until midnight, Fremont Street lights up with over 12 million LED lights that illuminate its five city blocks, creating an unforgettable evening experience for all visitors.

The Fremont Street Experience also features free nightly light and sound shows, including classic rock music and simulcasts of major sporting events on their Viva Vision screen. Visitors can take advantage of Fremont Street Experience parking garage for convenient parking when visiting these amazing night shows. With so much to do at Fremont Street Experience, it's a great way to enjoy Las Vegas at night. Don't miss out on this unforgettable light show!

Red helicopter flying over the Las Vegas Strip on sunset

Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tours at Night

Experience the beauty and bustle of Las Vegas from a whole new perspective with helicopter night flights over the city. Enjoy a breathtaking tour as you marvel at the night sky's  glittering skyline. As you fly, take in the stunning views of some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, including the world-famous Strip.

A night flight helicopter tour of Las Vegas is an adventure like no other. Papillon has been providing unforgettable tours for over 50 years and is now considered one of the premier flight tour operators in the world.

A number of Papillon’s flights, including night flights, fly & dine packages, and other entertainment combo packages, fly over Las Vegas. With Papillon, you’ll experience the best helicoper ride over the famous Las Vegas Strip!

Papillon’s Las Vegas Strip Night flight offers guests a narrated 10-15 minute flight covering both sides of the Las Vegas Strip and the legendary Downtown district.

Aboard this flight, guests fly over legendary landmarks such as the fountains of Bellagio, the Eiffel Tower of Paris casino, the clock tower in St. Mark's Square of the Venetian Hotel, the Luxor Hotel pyramid and space beam, New York-New York Hotel & Casino skyline, and the 1000-foot-tall Stratosphere.  This is the most impressive way to see the Strip casinos and neon lights!

Papillon’s Neon Night Flight Spectacular

 includes a night flight over the Las Vegas Strip – the best way to see the Entertainment capital of the world – followed by tickets to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. You'll see all of the vintage historic neon signs that have been displayed on the Strip throughout the decades.

Here is a list of Papillon’s most popular Las Vegas Night Tour Helicopter packages