Cool and Unique Wedding Ideas

Unique Wedding Ideas For Lasting Memories

Whether you are planning a small, intimate gathering or have a big traditional event in mind, everyone wants a one-of-a-kind, memorable wedding. The most impressive, unforgettable marriage ceremonies are meticulously planned in advance and account for the interests and experience of the newlyweds, family members, and friends in attendance. 

For example, adventurous couples who really want to make a lasting impression should make sure a Las Vegas helicopter wedding is on your shortlist of options. We’ve put together a few more ways you can make your nuptials unique and make sure your memories last the test of time.

How Can I Surprise My Wedding Guests?

Most of your participants and guests will think they know what to expect on your big day. There are only so many ways to tie the not in Las Vegas, after all. You can make sure your special day is talked about for years to come by adding a surprise. Change clothes after the ceremony, so you can hit the dance floor in style and comfort. Trade the big cake for a dessert bar, pretty macarons, or croquembouches. 

Another way to send your guests home talking about your wedding is to provide a surprise setting or backdrop. When your limo drops everyone off at a helicopter terminal instead of a chapel, you can be sure memories are in the making.

How Can I Make a Wedding Fun?

Surprises aren’t the only way to make a wedding fun. Make sure all the family members are involved, including the furry ones. Include your family pets in your wedding plans, complete with their own catered “pawcuterie” boards. Speaking of food, why not personalize the menu. Base options on what you ate during your first date, even if it was dogs and brews at the ballpark or pizza at a friend's place. Themed weddings, where everyone is invited to dress up, are also memorable for all the right reasons. 

10 Cool Wedding Ideas For Your Special Day

You have years of birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday parties ahead of you, but your wedding day is once-in-a-lifetime. This is probably the most important event you will plan and host as a couple. We’ve put together 10 more unique wedding ideas to help you put together an outstanding party that’s both entertaining and extraordinary.

Have A Destination Wedding

Turn getting married into a getaway with a destination wedding. Treat everyone to a bit of sparkle with a Las Vegas Strip wedding, or get close to nature with gorgeous canyon and desert views loved the world over. Our Valley of Fire and Grand Canyon weddings fit the bill perfectly. Cool bonus — you get there in a helicopter. Need we say more? 

Send Unique Wedding Ceremony Invitations

Unique marriage ceremonies start with unique invitations. Unfortunately, the sheer range of stationery options out there can have you confused and overwhelmed.

Thankfully, wedding planners can help. They know all of the latest trends and can help you pick the perfect custom artwork for every detail. From the paper to the type of font, to the artwork, everything communicates information about the type of wedding you are having and the style of dress you want your guests to wear. The way your invitations look sets the tone for your wedding, make them as unique as you are without the stress by letting a wedding planner narrow down the choices to the ones that fit your style.

Wear An Heirloom Wedding Dress

Why not honor a family member that has passed or means a lot to you by incorporating something of theirs into your wedding? Does your family have an heirloom you could wear at your ceremony? Grandpa’s old tux might not be the first thing you think of but with a little alteration, it might just be the perfect way to honor him. Dust off mom’s Tiffany studs and shorten the dress she wore on her big day. Heirlooms can add something special and not worthy to your wedding day. 

Re-purpose Your Guest Book

Make looking back on everyone who was there to hear your wedding bells a pleasure by re-purposing your guest book. You can turn this collection of signatures and well-wishes into a unique art piece full of memories. Turn signatures into calendar pages, quilt blocks, or a series of ornaments to hang on your first holiday together as a married couple. 

Go With A Themed Wedding

Your marriage ceremony says a lot about you. Are you planning something simple and traditional in a chapel, an indoor Elvis wedding, or an outdoor helicopter wedding? The venue and theme you choose is another way to make an impression as newlyweds and let your guests know how you want this day to be remembered.

Use Unique Escort Cards

Wedding escort cards make sure your guests get right where you planned for them to be. Infuse these functional parts of your big day with personality and display them in a beautiful way. List seating arrangements on puzzle pieces, decorate them with pressed flowers, or hang them with fragrant herbs.

Have Fun With Table Numbers

Make sure guests know where to go once they pick up their escort cards with wedding table numbers that match your style and theme or are just fun. Collect small pieces of driftwood on the beach with your spouse to be or spend the day selecting sweet little succulents to send guests home with. From beautiful tiles to flags to numbered bottles of wine, there are so many ways to infuse what makes you special as a couple, even into this small part of your wedding decor.

Serve A Wedding Cake That Represents Your Heritage

Matrimony is about more than just a party, although there's that too. Getting married joins friends for a night and families forever, including the cultural heritage of brides and grooms. Have fun making sure your wedding cake represents both sides of the family with flavors, colors, flowers, and decorative accents. Everyone will remember the effort you put into honoring where you came from.

Incorporate Wedding Sand Into Your Ceremony

Just like re-purposing your guestbook, incorporating a unity sand ceremony into your wedding adds a personal touch and memorable keepsake to your new lives together. Traditionally, the officiant or minister will incorporate this activity with your vows and exchanging the rings. You and your significant other take turns adding colored sand to a special container. Every year, on your anniversary, you turn the container and let the sand mix a little bit more.

Like most parts of a marriage ceremony, the sand ceremony is not cut and dried. You can include special family members, children, shells, custom vessels for the sand — in short, you can personalize this activity in any way you like.

Have Fun With The Reception

After the ceremony, your wedding reception will be the most memorable part of getting married. Make sure fun activities and ways to get everyone involved are included in your reception plans. Choose an interactive menu and make sure the DJ has both your favorites and dance-worthy picks that will get family and friends moving. Hire a photo booth, food truck, or ice cream stand. For a daytime outdoor wedding, you can even set up lawn games like croquette and lawn Jenga for the kids and set up a cocktail/lounge area for the grown-ups.

Hire A Helicopter For An Unforgettable Wedding

At Papillon, we hope these fun and memorable wedding ideas help you make getting married a day you and your guests will never forget. Our wedding planners would love to help take some of the stress out of getting your nuptials just right. If you haven’t decided on a venue or can’t seem to find a stand-out way to tie the knot, we invite you to explore our Las Vegas helicopter packages and give us a call today.

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