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Vow Renewal Las Vegas

Say "I Do" All Over Again

Vow renewals are a beautiful way to recommit your love and commitment to each other and Las Vegas is the perfect destination for couples looking for an unforgettable vow renewal experience. From romantic chapels on The Strip to unique experiences like Papillon Helicopter flights over the Grand Canyon or Valley of Fire, there's something special about saying "I do" all over again in Las Vegas.

You might want your vow renewal to be fun, extravagant, or private - but it should never be overwhelming. Use our list of tips to ensure that you've covered every detail when planning your vow renewal. Or better yet - book a renewal with us and let us take care of all of the details for you!

Read on as we explore what's involved in planning a vow renewal in Las Vegas.

vow renewal in Vegas

What is a Vow Renewal?

A vow renewal is a ceremony in which couples reaffirm their commitment to each other, often after many years of marriage. A vow renewal is a chance for partners to express their adoration and loyalty in a public manner, regardless of the duration of marriage. The vows themselves are typically the same as those said during the original wedding ceremony, but can also be adapted or changed if desired.

Renewing your vows is a wonderful way to demonstrate the strength of your relationship and appreciation for all you have shared together. Additionally, it's an opportunity for both partners to look forward with optimism towards their future together. Finally, vow renewals provide couples with an excuse to celebrate their marriage again - perhaps on a bigger scale than before. What better place to do that than in Las Vegas!

How to Renew Vows in Vegas

Whether you're looking for a small, intimate ceremony or something grand and over-the-top, there are plenty of options available that will make renewing your vows in Las Vegas a memorable experience. You'll find chapels whose services range from quick and easy renewals to luxurious and elegant ceremonies, and even more fun experiences with themed interiors and a costumed officiant.

Those with an adventurous spirit can even opt for a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, where they can recite their vows at the very bottom of the West Rim! There are also tours to Nevada's most incredible state park, Valley of Fire. These Las Vegas helicopter tours include luxury transport to and from your Strip hotel, an officiant, and fantastic aerial views of the desert scenery.

What You Need to Know to Renew Vows in Vegas

If you're planning to renew your vows in Las Vegas it's very simple and you will not have to file any documentation when reaffirming your marriage vows. The reason for this is fairly straightforward; a vow renewal ceremony is not legally binding. Your officiator could ask for your original marriage certificate, but it’s not required and this is a detail you can address before your ceremony.

The Clark County Clerk's Office offers a Certificate of Vow Renewal. While not an official document or record of marriage, this $21 document is instead a special, commemorative certificate to celebrate the number of years a couple has been married.

Vow renewal in Las Vegas

How to Plan Your Vow Renewal in Las Vegas

When planning a vow renewal in Las Vegas it's important to consider budgeting and costs associated with each tour option so you don't go over-budget during this special occasion.

First, plan how many friends and family you wish to have in attendance. Then, check how many people each venue can accommodate, as some may have restrictions on the number of attendees due to space constraints. Lastly, it's wise to inquire about the length of tours/ceremonies so that everyone involved is aware beforehand what type of timeframe they're working within for their celebration plans.

Depending on which venue is chosen, couples can expect different included amenities such as private chauffeurs, professional photographers/videographers, decorations, and wedding planners. Before making a final decision on the package for your vow renewal, read up thoroughly on what your venue offers and if catering or entertainment must be provided separately.

Smiling couple during vow renewal on Grand Canyon tour

Vow Renewal in Las Vegas Helicopter Tour Options

There are many breathtaking locations in Las Vegas and just outside the city to say "I do" all over again - and we can transport you there on a stunning Las Vegas helicopter tour! Check out our helicopter tour destinations for the most beautiful backdrop during your vow renewal. 

Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Vow Renewals

A Las Vegas helicopter tour offers not only a stunning aerial view of the Strip casinos, but a truly unique story for your vow renewal. Our Las Vegas vow renewal package feature luxury transportation to and from your hotel to our VIP air terminal, where you'll set off aboard a private state-of-the-art helicopter over the neon lights and casinos of the Strip. 

You'll exchange your vows in the air above the Las Vegas Strip over iconic Vegas attractions like the New York-New York cityscape, Allegiant Stadium, the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the Bellagio Fountains, the High Roller Observation Wheel, and the incredible new MSG Sphere. This is guaranteed to be the most creative and romantic way vow renewal experience on the Strip!

Couple kiss during Grand Canyon wedding

Grand Canyon Vow Renewals

If you're looking for a breathtaking backdrop for your vow renewal, then look no further than the Grand Canyon, which is just a 45 minute helicopter flight from Las Vegas. Papillon's Grand Canyon wedding packages include luxury transport from your Strip hotel to our nearby air terminal, a private helicopter flight that takes you across the desert and 3,200 feet down to the very bottom of the Grand Canyon West. Here you'll renew your vows on a remote plateau overlooking the Colorado River. You'll even enjoy a champagne toast between the canyon walls before your return flight to Vegas!

Couple kiss on Valley of Fire tour from Vegas

Valley of Fire Vow Renewals

The Valley of Fire is another great option for those seeking a magical outdoor setting for their vow renewal ceremony. With its rippling red and white sandstone dunes and unique rock formations, Valley of Fire provides an exotic backdrop unlike any other location in the United States.

The Valley of Fire vow renewal package, like all Papillon wedding packages, starts and ends with luxury transport to and from your Las Vegas Strip hotel. You'll set off on a private sightseeing helicopter and traverse the Nevada desert en route to Valley of Fire. Upon arrival, you'll land on a remote mountain top nested high above the iconic deep red sandstone. Here, you can customize your own vow-exchanging ceremony within the bright red Aztec sandstone, perfect for unforgettable photo moments.

Couple pose during vow renewal in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Wedding Venues for Vow Renewals

Las Vegas is a renowned destination for couples all over the world who are seeking to reaffirm their marriage vows. Whether you're after an extravagant ceremony or something more low-key, there are plenty of venues in and around Las Vegas that can accommodate your needs.

Downtown Las Vegas Vow Renewal Packages

Downtown Las Vegas has some amazing venues perfect for vow renewal ceremonies, such as The Neon Museum Boneyard, Fremont Street Experience, and a number of quirky and colorful wedding chapels, like the shipping container chapel within Container Park. All of the chapels offer packages that include an officiant, photographer/videographer services, decorations, music, and more - all at affordable prices!

Las Vegas Strip Vow Renewal Packages

If you want to keep things close to your hotel but still have an unforgettable experience, then consider one of the many resorts on The Strip that offer vow renewal packages.

From luxury resorts like Bellagio or Venetian to classic casinos like Caesars Palace or MGM Grand - there's something for everyone here. Many hotels also provide discounts when booking multiple rooms so it's worth considering if you plan on inviting family and friends along too.

Overall, no matter what type of venue you choose for your vow renewal ceremony in Las Vegas - make sure it reflects who both of you are as individuals and as a couple. After all, it ain't over 'til its over - so why not celebrate another milestone in style?

Bride and groom toast champagne during Grand Canyon tour

Tips for Making Your Las Vegas Vow Renewal Special

There's no reason that your vow renewal should not be as momentous as your actual wedding - make sure all your boxes are checked before your big day. Here are some tips to help you arrange the most memorable Las Vegas vow renewal ceremony possible: 

Personalize Your Las Vegas Vow Renewal Ceremony

Make sure your vow renewal is unique by personalizing it with meaningful touches like exchanging handwritten notes or incorporating special traditions from your culture. You can also use this opportunity to upgrade your rings if desired.

Preserve the memories of your Las Vegas wedding or vow renewal for years to come with a professional photographer or videographer. Consider hiring a professional photographer or videographer who specializes in weddings and vow renewals in Las Vegas; they'll be able to capture every detail perfectly.

Know Your Vow Renewal Capacity Limits

The number of guests allowed at a vow renewal will also depend on where it takes place and what type of package you choose. Some venues allow up to 50 people while others only permit a a few due to their capacity limits. It's important to keep this in mind when deciding how many family members and friends will be invited. Additionally, some packages come with an allotted amount of time which could affect how much time each person will be permitted to recite a custom vow or to give a speech.

Take Advantage of Unique Locations Throughout Las Vegas

There is no shortage of unique locations throughout the Las Vegas area to choose for your vow renewal. You could time your vow recital to take place during the eruption of the Bellagio Fountains. You could also venture into the Bellagio's the botanical garden, where seasonal displays will provide a gorgeous backdrop. You could book a cabin on the High Roller Observation Wheel, which can fit up to 40 people. Of course, there's always the world-famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign at the start of the Strip. Bear in mind, though, that at any Las Vegas Strip landmark there will likely be large groups of tourists that will cause a lack of privacy.

For a truly private moment, consider booking a Las Vegas vow renewal aboard a sightseeing helicopter reserved entirely for your party. You can fly over the Las Vegas Strip (highly recommended at night) or visit the Grand Canyon West or Valley of Fire for a truly secluded ceremony.

With a helicopter vow renewal, you'll receive a dedicated consultant to organize your ceremony from start to finish, so all you have to do is write a beautiful vow for your partner. Start planning your special moment today with Papillon Helicopters!

A couple embraces during wedding ceremony at Valley of Fire near Las Vegas

FAQs in Relation to Vow Renewal Las Vegas

How much does it cost to renew your vows in Las Vegas?

The cost of reaffirming your marriage vows in Las Vegas will fluctuate depending on the ceremony type you select. If you opt for a vow renewal at a chapel in town, prices typically range from $250 to $1000 or more. For a more unique and adventurous ceremony, such as a helicopter tour, the price can be more, depending on factors such as location, number of guests allowed, length of tour/ceremony, and any additional services. Additionally, you should also consider any additional costs such as a wedding coordinator or photographer.

Do I need a marriage license to renew my vows in Las Vegas?

No, but if you are married and would like to renew your vows, the Clark County Clerk's Office offers a Certificate of Vow Renewal. While not an offical document or record of marriage, this document is, instead, a special, commemorative certificate to celebrate the number of years a couple has been married.

What is the cost of a Certificate of Vow Renewal in Las Vegas?

The cost of the blank Certificate of Vow Renewal is $21. This fee does not cover the cost of any vow renewal ceremony. The purchasing couple is responsible for having the certificate completed by the officiant after the ceremony is completed.