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A Papillon Helicopter flying above Lake Powell.
Starting at $199.00Per Person

Horseshoe Bend Air Tour

Horseshoe Bend is one of the most photographed landmarks in the American Southwest. Aboard Papillon’s Horseshoe Bend Air Tour, you can see this beautiful destination – a 270º curve of the wild Colorado River cut into ancient sandstone walls – aboard a luxury helicopter tour.

  • Departing From: Page/Antelope Canyon
  • Destination: Page/Antelope Canyon
  • Duration: Approximately 10-12 minutes
  • Product Code: PPP-1

Get your camera ready! Your Horseshoe Bend helicopter tour flies over one of the most impressive landmarks in the American Southwest. This tour departs from the Page Municipal Airport for a sightseeing helicopter flight with aerial views of Lake Powell, Glen Canyon Dam, the stunning red and orange hues of Glen Canyon, and the world-famous Horseshoe Bend.

The views of Horseshoe Bend, the near-circular curve of the Colorado River, are legendary on social media from an overlook located just outside Page, Arizona. But you'll have the chance to experience this sight and take the best photos from the sky aboard a Papillon helicopter tour!

Optional Horseshoe Bend Air Tour Upgrades

* Upgrade options are available for selection during checkout

Make Aircraft Private

Turn your Horseshoe Bend helicopter tour into a VIP experience! Reserve the entire helicopter just for your own party of up to 6 passengers. The best way to experience a luxury air tour and to take photos of the entire family!

Red helicopter flying over Glen Canyon Dam

Add Tower Butte Landing

Papillon is the only helicopter operator permitted by the Navajo Nation to land on top of Tower Butte. You’ll experience an incredible 360-degree panoramic view of Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, and many other sights of the American Southwest.

Red helicopter on the top of Tower Butte with Lake Powell in the background.

Horseshoe Bend Air Tour FAQs

What is Horseshoe Bend, and where is it located?

Horseshoe Bend, located just a few miles outside Page, Arizona, is part of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. This is perhaps the most iconic bend in the entire 1,450-mile route of the Colorado River – quite a statement considering the West’s great river flows through seven states and 11 national parks and monuments.

Here, the nation’s sixth largest river, which has carved through the West’s rocky topography for the past 5 million years, curves at perfect three-quarters of a circle around a sandstone peninsula, creating a 270º horseshoe-shaped bend that is 1,000 feet deep and visible from a cliff that's accessible via a short 0.6-mile hiking trail. However, you also can see it from the sky aboard a Papillon helicopter tour!

What type of helicopter is flown during the Horseshoe Bend Air Tour?

Horseshoe Bend Air Tour guests will fly aboard the EcoStar EC-130 helicopter. These are the most state-of-the-art, comfortable, and environmentally friendly helicopters available for the aerial tourism industry. The EC-130 helicopters feature huge windows with a nearly 180-degree field of view, forward-facing stadium-raised seating, and noise-canceling headsets.

What is the flight duration for the Horseshoe Bend Air Tour?

The Horseshoe Bend Air Tour departs from the Page, Arizona airport and is approximately 10-12 minutes, depending on the weather and air traffic. Guests fly at a minimum of 500 feet above various landmarks.

Please note: this is an air tour only, and guests do not land at Horseshoe Bend.