Monument Valley Geology

Although not a valley in the literal sense, Monument Valley has been shaped from a basin into a plateau to what millions see today. Through wind and rain, the park has been eroded down over the last 50 million years, creating the remarkable sights seen in so many photographs. Of the many towering buttes and spires to see at the park, few stand out from all the rest, except for The Mittens: Two rock formations that, if looked at with a little imagination, resemble a pair of mittens.

Along the scenic tours offered at Monument Valley, visitors will enjoy amazing formations such as the Three Sisters, Elephant Butte, Camel Butte, the Hub, and more notably, John Ford Point, named for Western film director John Ford. According to various accounts, Ford loved Monument Valley and made it a point to use the park as a backdrop, which left and indelible mark on his films.