Grand Canyon Helicopters is Proud to be an FAA Certified Air Carrier

Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters is proud to be an FAA Certified Air Carrier and a Member of the Following National and International Travel Industry Associations.

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American Bus AssociationABAABA
Helicopter Association InternationalHAIHAI
National Tour AssociationNTANTA
Receptive Service AssociationRSARSA
Travel Industry Association of AmericaTIATIA
United States Airtours AssociationUSATAN/A
United States Tour Operators AssociationUSTOAUSTOA
Did You Know
Did You Know?

Papillon is certified by the national Tour Operators Program of Safety (TOPS) for exceeding Federal Safety Standards and Procedures! Papillon also operates helicopters for the both the U.S. Department of Defense and Interior!