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Antelope Canyon and Secret Canyon Tours

Antelope Canyon, located within the city of Page, Arizona, is one of the most mystical and ancient landmarks hidden within the United States. Formed over millions of years of erosion, this otherworldly slot canyon draws thousands of visitors each year hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous rays of sunlight that beam down between the canyon walls. Many visitors, though, are not initially aware that the canyon is actually divided into two sections: Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. While both regions feature equally spectacular rock formations and photo opportunities, touring the two canyons are slightly different experiences.

An Antelope Canyon tour is a must when visiting the desert Southwest, and Papillon offers a variety of possibilities to achieve your dream of experiencing an Antelope Slot Canyon tour for yourself.

What Can Be Seen On An Antelope Canyon Tour?

Antelope Canyon is nestled deep in the Arizona desert, but it certainly isn’t alone. In fact, there are several spectacular natural rock formations and landscapes to be seen in the surrounding area, especially from the sky. From the Grand Canyon to Lake Mead, Tower Butte, and the world-recognized Horseshoe Bend, you can see them all on both Upper Antelope Canyon tours and Lower Antelope Canyon tours.

Grand Canyon

When travelling to Antelope Canyon from Las Vegas by either helicopter or airplane, your aircraft will undoubtedly fly over the Grand Canyon. Aerial views of this monumental landmark are simply indescribable. From the striped cliff walls of the Grand Canyon National Park to the lush Kaibab forest surrounding the tremendous rock gorge, you’ll capture breathtaking sights before even arriving at Antelope Canyon.

Lake Powell

Antelope Canyon and the surrounding area are actually ancient Native American land. In fact, to this day members of the Navajo Nation reside just a short distance from their ancient canyon. While the Navajo reservation cannot be visited, another popular destination is the nearby Lake Powell. This man-made reservoir can be a quick day trip for visitors to the Antelope Canyon area and offers boating, watersports, and beaches. If you don’t have time to relax on the shores of Lake Powell, you can still see the expanse of its sparkling waters from the sky on your flight to Page, Arizona.

Tower Butte

Tower Butte is yet another stunning landscape in the Arizona desert. Believe it or not, this colossal “tower” is a natural rock formation. Like Antelope Canyon, buttes like this one are created as water runs through rocks over millions of years. Tower Butte is just a short distance from the Page Municipal Airport, and of all Papillon is the only of all tour operators with permission to land helicopters atop this remarkable attraction. You can book your Antelope Canyon tour including a Tower Butte landing and experience both phenomena in one day!

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is probably the closest a person can come to witness the erosion of the Colorado River. This section of the river curves into a near-perfect circle, creating a monumental peninsula. Because of its unique curvature, Horseshoe Bend is a favorite destination for photographers and sightseers alike. Visitors can stand right on the edge and gaze down and the Colorado River rushing below. 

The best way to experience the entirety of Horseshoe Bend, though, is from the sky. Papillon tours to Page, Arizona fly directly over this stunning river bend and passengers can fully capture its incredible canyon walls and snap professional-looking aerial photos.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Antelope Canyon Tours

What is the best month to visit Antelope Canyon?

The best time period to visit Antelope Canyon is between late March and early October. This is the most likely opportunity to witness the otherworldly sunbeams that radiate down to the canyon’s sand floor. Visitors are also advised to book their Antelope Canyon tours in the morning, when the desert weather is more mild.

How should I prepare for my visit to Antelope Canyon?

Page, Arizona is located deep in the desert, and the weather can often be unforgiving. When visiting Antelope Canyon and its surrounding outdoor destinations, it is important to stay hydrated and keep sunblock handy. The floor of the canyon is made of soft sand, which can be dangerous without proper footwear (closed-toed shoes, sneakers, or hiking boots are recommended). Guests are highly encouraged to take photos while inside the canyon, but tripods and selfie sticks are not permitted due to the restrictive size of some of the areas. Remember that Antelope Canyon belongs to the Navajo Nation, and guests must respect this area that we have been permitted to enter. Check out this Antelope Canyon guide for more information about visiting this treasured Southwest landmark.