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horseshoe bend in page arizona seen with a cloudy sky in the background

Grand Canyon with Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Tour

Depart the Grand Canyon by helicopter, and experience the Colorado River's breathtaking views, Grand Canyon East, Lake Powell, and Glen Canyon, as the early sun lights up the stunning scenery below. Upon arrival at Page Airport, continue the journey with a ground tour to Horseshoe Bend, a horseshoe-shaped meander in the Colorado River, and Antelope Canyon. You will explore the slot canyon as your guide tells stories and legends about the area as you capture memorable photos of the unique scenery. The return flight includes an aerial tour over Grand Canyon.

  • Departing From: Grand Canyon National Park
  • Destination: Page/Antelope Canyon
  • Duration: Approximately 8½ hours from pick-up to drop-off
  • Product Code: PGP-4

This tour gives an entirely new meaning to aerial sightseeing! Depart Grand Canyon National Park Airport during early light and enjoy the spectacular landscape below. The brilliant colors of the sunrise will bring this natural wonder to life. Upon landing at Page, Arizona, board ground transportation that will take you to the edge of famous Horseshoe Bend and Lake Powell. The contrast between the red rocks and azure blues of Lake Powell will provide the perfect photo opportunity! From there, embark on a guided tour of one of the most spectacular slot canyons in the world, Antelope Canyon. Capture the rippling sandstone walls, illuminated by the sun’s rays, for once-in-a-lifetime snapshots. The return helicopter flight back includes stunning aerial views of Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon with Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend FAQs

What is Antelope Canyon like?

Antelope Canyon is one, 30-mile long slot canyon comprised of four different sections. It is made up of narrow passageways, eroded corridors, and wave-like shapes in the rocks. Located on the south shore of Lake Powell, the sandstone formations of Antelope Canyon are a famous location to shoot photos. Rainwater, in the form of monsoon season flash flooding, has cut this magnificent natural feature.

Why is Horseshoe Bend so famous?

Horseshoe Bend Arizona is a breathtaking natural wonder. It’s no wonder that tourist flock to this remote location – seeing the unusual horseshoe-shaped twist in the Colorado River atop a sheer 1,000-foot drop is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Horseshoe Bend is also nestled in Page, Arizona – an already popular tourist destination for Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell water activities, camping, and more. If you’re visiting Page AZ, you can easily add a visit to Horseshoe Bend to your schedule! 

What is the best time to tour Antelope Canyon?

The most popular time to visit Antelope Canyon is spring or fall. In general, the weather is most pleasant between late March to early October. This window offers the best season to capture similarly famous photos you have seen of this destination and avoids the crazy summer heat.

If you are looking to avoid the peak crowd season, we recommend November, which can still bring fall-like temps, and February, which is a very beautiful month of gradual warming, cool mornings and nights, and the occasional cool rainstorm.

Can I go to Antelope Canyon without a tour?

No, you cannot access Antelope Canyon without a tour. Located on Navajo Nation land near Page, Arizona, Antelope Canyon is a highly popular slot canyon and a popular destination for photographers and sightseers alike. However, due to safety reasons and the delicate nature of the area, an experienced guide is required in order to access either the Upper Antelope Canyon or Lower Antelope Canyon. The only way to visit these canyons is by booking one of the many tours available in Page, AZ or with one of the Papillon tours to Antelope Canyon from Las Vegas.

Do you need a guide to see Horseshoe Bend?

No, a guide is not required to visit Horseshoe Bend. For nearby Antelope Canyon, however, it is required to sign up with a tour guide.

What else is there to do nearby Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon is far from the only sightseeing option near the Navajo Nation. There are multiple national parks like the Grand Canyon and Canyon de Chelly National Monument, as well as the world-famous gathering of buttes called Monument Valley. True adventurers can find plentiful secret canyons and hiking spots throughout the area, including many near Lake Powell - perfect for cooling down after a day in the sun. There are almost endless exploration opportunities in the desert Southwest, just a few hours from the city of Las Vegas.

How should I prepare for my visit to Antelope Canyon?

Page, Arizona is located deep in the desert, and the weather can often be unforgiving. When visiting Antelope Canyon and its surrounding outdoor destinations, it is important to stay hydrated and keep sunblock handy. The floor of the canyon is made of soft sand, which can be dangerous without proper footwear (closed-toed shoes, sneakers, or hiking boots are recommended). Guests are highly encouraged to take photos while inside the canyon, but tripods and selfie sticks are not permitted due to the restrictive size of some of the areas. Remember that Antelope Canyon belongs to the Navajo Nation, and guests must respect this area that we have been permitted to enter. Check out this Antelope Canyon guide for more information about visiting this treasured Southwest landmark.