Lake Powell Infographic

The American Southwest is home to countless national parks and sights that draw in millions of visitors each year. Lake Powell is one such destination, bringing in around three million visitors annually. The lake is situated on the Colorado River at the border of Arizona and Utah and is named after Civil War veteran John Wesley Powell, whose expedition down the river in 1869 helped discover the land. Around 20 million people in the southwestern United States depend on Lake Powell for their water supply and economic well being, as the lake is the second-largest reservoir in the country.

The most famous site on Lake Powell is Rainbow Bridge National Monument, a natural rock formation created by thousands of years of erosion. At 290 feet tall, it is nearly the same size as the Statue of Liberty. Rainbow Bridge is 50 water miles from Lake Powell Marina and is accessible by tour boats or a private vessel. Most guest that stay at the park are there an average of four and a half days, more than any other national park in the United States.

When planning your trip to Lake Powell, it is a good idea to start by sorting through a list of activities. You will find hundreds of unique and secluded beaches at Lake Powell that can become your own private escape from daily life. In addition, you can go waterskiing, boating, fishing and swimming. Other options include guided tours, horseback riding, hiking and dining. In the winter months the water temperature is significantly cooler, however the lake begins to warm up in June and stays that way until around October, making this summer the perfect time to visit.


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