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Rainbow livery Grand Canyon Tour helicopter
Starting at $419.75per/person,
starting rate with 4 person group

Private North Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Discover magnificent Grand Canyon National Park aerial views aboard a private helicopter tour! This Grand Canyon helicopter tour accommodates up to 6 passengers on each aircraft and includes sights of the park's most famous rock formations.

  • Departing From: Grand Canyon National Park
  • Destination: Grand Canyon National Park
  • Duration: Approximately 25-30 minutes
  • Product Code: PGG-1PRVT

Take your Grand Canyon family vacation to new heights with this private helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon National Park! This flight starts from Papillon's Grand Canyon Airport Terminal at the South Rim, near Grand Canyon Village. The entire helicopter will be reserved for your group - up to six passengers. For larger groups, multiple aircraft can be booked.

Your sightseeing tour will fly across the expanse of the South Rim, including the lush greenery of the Kaibab Forest. You'll discover aerial views of the deepest and widest parts of the Grand Canyon South Rim and the Colorado River below. By the time you reach the North Rim, you'll have seen some of the oldest rock formations and geology known to man.

If you're planning a group visit to the Grand Canyon National Park, there's no better way to capture all the most magical sights than from the sky - from your private helicopter tour.

Optional Private North Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Upgrades

* Upgrade options are available for selection during checkout

Add EcoStar Private Helicopter

Upgrade your aircraft to the Airbus EcoStar EC-130: the most comfortable tour helicopter with a superior safety rating. The EcoStar offers luxury seating, headset tour narration in several languages, and large windows for the best views during your South Rim tour.

red helicopter flying over the grand canyon south rim

Extended Flight on EcoStar Heli

Extend your Grand Canyon helicopter tour flight time and enjoy an additional 45 - 50 minutes aboard an Eco-Star EC-130, the most "green" helicopter available with diminished noise to preserve the nature of the Gran Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon helicopter tour flying over the stunning rock formations below

Private North Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour FAQs

How long is the flight duration for the Private North Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour?

This helicopter tour is approximately 25 to 30 minutes of flight time over the Grand Canyon National Park.

Where does the Private North Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour depart from?

Guests visiting Grand Canyon National Park South Rim have easy access to the departure point for this special tour. Papillon’s Grand Canyon Airport South Rim terminal is located at the closest airport to the Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon Airport-GCN, AZ). This airport is located right at the entrance to the National Park. The address is 3568 Airport Rd, Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023.

What languages are the Private North Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour narrations offered in?

The Private North Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour narration is available in English, Chinese - Mandarin & Cantonese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.