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Aerial view of people walking the Grand Canyon Skywalk
Starting at $384.00Per Person

Grand Canyon Experience with Optional Skywalk

On this tour, fly to the Grand Canyon West Rim from Las Vegas aboard a Papillon sightseeing airplane, and have ample free time to explore various West Rim points of interest. To upgrade the experience, purchase general admission entry to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

  • Departing From: Las Vegas
  • Destination: Grand Canyon West
  • Duration: Approximately 7 hours from hotel pick-up to hotel drop-off
  • Product Code: GBW-4

This adventure is the perfect way to visit the Grand Canyon in one afternoon. The 35-minute flight to West Rim offers aerial views of Hoover Dam, Colorado River, Lake Mead, the Mojave Desert, and more along a beautiful flight path.

Once you arrive at Grand Canyon West, guests will have plenty of time to wander and explore. The West Rim offers a hop-on/hop-off shuttle service for easy travel between various points of interest. Both Eagle Point and Guano Point allow visitors to marvel at the brilliant colors adorning the two-billion-year-old walls of the canyon. Eagle Point is home to Skywalk as well as a Native American cultural village housing exhibits and various ancient dwellings of many area tribes.

Guests who purchase entry to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, also known as the Grand Canyon glass bridge, will enjoy the horseshoe-shaped glass structure for a thrilling, heart, pumping experience. This engineering marvel offers amazing views 4,000 feet above the canyon from a 10-foot wide bridge.

The tall bluff at Guano Point offers incredible 360-degree views of the canyon walls, perfect for capturing various photos. Guests can also purchase a meal at their convenience during their visit to the Grand Canyon. Return to your airplane for an equally scenic flight to the Las Vegas area, where you will be transported back to the Strip via shuttle.

Note: Cameras and cellphones are not allowed onto the Skywalk Bridge.

This Tour is Available as a Gift Certficate!

Grand Canyon Experience Optional Upgrades

* Upgrade options are available for selection during checkout

Add Skywalk

Be sure to enhance your West Rim excursion by upgrading to include admission into the Grand Canyon Skywalk and experience walking out over the edge of the Canyon atop this world-famous glass-bottomed bridge!

A family taking a picture on the Skywalk Bridge located at Grand Canyon West.

Add Heli & Boat

Explore the Grand Canyon West Rim from top to bottom with a Grand Canyon helicopter tour that lands all the way on the very bottom of the canyon floor and a smooth water pontoon boat that will float you along the Colorado River.

Red helicopter landed at the bottom of the Grand Canyon for the Helicopter and Boat adventure at Grand Canyon West.

Grand Canyon Experience FAQs

How long is the Grand Canyon Experience flight segment and total tour duration?

The round trip flight time for the Grand Canyon Skywalk Experience is approximately 70 minutes. The total tour duration is about 7 hours, hotel-to-hotel.

What languages are the Grand Canyon Skywalk Experience flight narrations offered in?

The Grand Canyon Skywalk Experience tour narration is offered in English, Chinese - Mandarin & Cantonese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Russian.

What are tips for visiting the Grand Canyon Skywalk?

If you purchase the ticket to enter the Skywalk, you won't be able to take personal effects (water bottles, cameras, phones, etc.) onto the Skywalk. The Grand Canyon glass bridge prohibits this for safety reasons and prevent structural damage. Visitors will store all personal effects in lockers before entry onto the bridge. A photographer is available to capture unique photos of your Skywalk glass bridge experience and can be purchased at the visitor's center. Depending on the seasonality, there can be long lines at the Grand Canyon Skywalk, which might limit exploration time to Guano Point during your tour.

Are cameras allowed on the Skywalk Bridge?

No - cameras and cellphones are not permitted on the Skywalk Bridge. Visitors will be provided a locker free of charge to store their items before entering the bridge. This is to prevent any kind of damage to the glass panels from accidentally dropping an item. A professional photographer will be present for those interested in purchasing a souvenir photo.

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