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Grand Canyon West Rim

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Grand Canyon South Rim

Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour

Our state-of-the-art motorcoach will take you to one of the most scenic National Parks in the country. Witness the majesty of the Grand Canyon from several spectacular viewpoints and revel in the surrounding nature and forestry.

Bus Stand on the Edge Meal





Platinum South Rim Tour

Our sprinter vehicle allows for a comfortable ride through the Mojave Desert to the Grand Canyon National Park. There you will find breathtaking sights of the broadest, deepest areas of the Canyon and will also enjoy an IMAX movie.

Sprinter Stand on the Edge Meal Adventure Tour





None of the tours in this category match your current search results.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam Bus Tour

Let us drive you to Hoover Dam in a comfortable motorcoach. At Hoover Dam, you will explore its advanced innerworkings and can even stand atop this massive construction to look down 700 feet.

Bus Hoover Dam





Hoover Dam Deluxe Bus & Heli Tour

Take a guided tour inside the Hoover Dam and learn about the history and inner-workings of the modern marvel. Afterwards see an aerial view of the magnificent structure (along with the Colorado River and Lake Mead) in a state-of-the-art helicopter.

Helicopter Bus Hoover Dam Meal


7 - 7½ HOURS



None of the tours in this category match your current search results.

When the hectic personality of the Las Vegas Strip becomes exhausting, discover the peaceful natural atmosphere of the Grand Canyon. Our Grand Canyon Bus Tours will give you the opportunity to spend a day exploring the canyon with plenty of exciting sights along the way. Our luxury motorcoaches and sprinters are perfect for larger touring groups and those who would like a less labor-intensive journey. Tour packages include trips to either the South Rim or the West Rim, both providing breathtaking views of the canyon. Sit back and unwind as the wonder of the Mojave desert envelopes you and let us take you to the most remarkable spectacle in the American Southwest.

Your Grand Canyon Bus Tour begins bright and early when we pick you up right outside your Las Vegas hotel. We will transport you to our terminal for check-in and then you will climb aboard one of our beautiful, state-of-the-art sightseeing coaches. The first stop is atop the Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, which crosses the Colorado River. This immense piece of engineering, opened in 2010, connects the states of Nevada and Arizona. Ascending from the river below is the magnificent Hoover Dam - and it is perfectly viewable from the bridge! Our tour will stop on a pull-off point on the bridge so that our guests can take photos of this engineering marvel.

After departing from the Hoover Dam, the city will begin to fade behind you as you approach the Mojave Desert. Before long you will be travelling through the Joshua Tree Forest, which has flourished for over 900 years with unique trees specific region of the country. Our large bus windows make it possible for passengers to photograph the gorgeous desert life as it passes. This land is sacred to the Hualapai Nation and upon reaching the Grand Canyon you too will feel the reverent air of the environment.

Grand Canyon Bus Tours to the West Rim give guests the opportunity to experience the canyon as the Hualapai people did centuries ago - with a modern edge. This rim also features two major lookout points that give vastly different perspectives of the canyon. Upon reaching the West Rim, passengers will disembark the motorcoach for a self-guided ground tour of the canyon's many points of interest. Complimentary shuttles are available to transport you to each location. The adventure has just begun!

The first stop is the Hualapai Ranch, a recreation of an Old Western boom town. Here you can interact with classic cowboys, Indians, sheriffs, and more. Take a wagon ride, watch the entertainment, or explore the gift shop. You can even learn to make a lasso, practice quick draw, and watch a gunfight demonstration! Then hop aboard the next shuttle for your first canyon view.

You will arrive at Eagle Point, a vast stretch of canyon wall with a very special reason for its namesake. Emerging from the stone is the unmistakeable shape of an eagle spreading its wings in flight. Naturally eroded for centuries by the Colorado River, this magnificent form was held sacred by the ancient Hualapai people. You have the fantastic opportunity to gaze upon this monolithic stone bird just as they did centuries ago, but from a much different viewpoint: the Skywalk.

The Skywalk is world-famous not just for its spectacular views of the canyon, but also its advancement in modern architecture and engineering. This massive bridge extends 70 feet out into the air above the canyon, allowing its visitors to stand nearly a mile in the air. It's U-shape gives visitors the opportunity to wander leisurely for 180-degree views of the canyon wall - specifically Eagle Point, which is directly across from the bridge. The most amazing feature is its glass floor. You can gaze down to the canyon floor and the Colorado River 4,000 feet beneath your feet. All of our West Rim Grand Canyon Bus Tours have the opportunity to upgrade for entry to the Skywalk, so you too can experience this marvel in modern architecture.

Another phenomenal lookout at the West Rim is Guano Point. This peninsula of land stretches into the canyon and rises to form a small mount at the end, which guests are welcome to climb for an even higher view. No matter where you're standing on Guano Point, you will get an unbelievable 360-degree view of the brilliant red and orange-striped canyon walls. Take in the scenery then head back to the rim for lunch - some of the best barbecue in the West!

Perhaps you would like your Grand Canyon Bus Tour to visit the South Rim instead. Here you can wander the trails of the Grand Canyon National Forest that guide you to the awe-inspiring lookout points of the canyon. This rim reveals the canyon at its most vast - deep, wide gorges that appear to stretch forever. Enjoy views of the tremendous striped walls from various points protected by guardrails or venture out to the unbarred lookouts for more views. Make sure to find Mather Point, a fantastic lookout, and pay a visit to the Grand Canyon Village.

The South Rim also boasts the National Geographic Center where you can learn a wealth of information about the canyon's history and geology. Here you can also enjoy a meal, included in all Grand Canyon Bus Tour packages. The National Geographic Center also features an IMAX movie experience called “Grand Canyon: The Hidden Secrets”, a perfect addition to your tour - and a chance to get off your feet!

After a long day of exploring the wonder of the Grand Canyon, climb back aboard your motorcoach for your ride back to Las Vegas. Our vehicles are designed with the comfort, safety, and sightseeing needs of our guests in mind. We offer two types of vehicles depending on your tour group size. Our motorcoaches are best to accommodate large groups and are complete with multiple televisions, an onboard restroom, air conditioning and personal climate control. Our sprinter vehicles are used for smaller parties. Sprinters seat up to 12 passengers and feature spacious plush seating. Both vehicles are equipped with a professional driver/guide, a PA system for announcements and tour narration, and supersized windows for photo-taking. Whether your adventure is just beginning or your long day of touring is coming to an end, you can rest easy and enjoy the ride on a Grand Canyon Bus Tour.

If you find yourself needing a day away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip, consider spending a day amidst the vast desert beauty of the Grand Canyon. Papillon's Grand Canyon Bus Tours are the most affordable way to experience this once-in-a-lifetime destination for an entire day. Our platinum service from our vehicles to our guides and everything in between is the luxury you deserve. Sit back, relax, and let the magnificent Southwest landscape pass you by as we take you to the crown jewel of the United States: the Grand Canyon.