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Helicopter trip from Vegas to Grand Canyon

Helicopter Trip from Vegas to Grand Canyon

A helicopter trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon is an unforgettable experience and should be included on your bucket list on your next visit to Las Vegas or the Southwest or part of your Las Vegas Tours plans.

On a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, not only will you get a unique perspective of the region’s remote beauty, but you’ll also have access to exclusive destinations that can't be reached by land.

There are many benefits to taking a helicopter trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Helicopter rides provide a unique perspective of the landscape and stunning views that can't be seen from land or by traditional plane tours.

Your helicopter ride will travel over the famous landmarks and natural features including the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Mojave Desert, Colorado River, Grand Canyon West, and many other breathtaking wonders. You’ll soar over the Kaibab National Forest and the colorful sandstone cliffs surrounding the entire 1.9 million square mile Grand Canyon National Park. As you fly over the Grand Canyon, you see the Colorado River as it twists and turns between ancient rock walls, cutting through 2 billion years of Earth’s geological history.

A helicopter tour from Vegas to the Grand Canyon provides stunning views, thrilling experiences, and memories that last a lifetime. That is why Papillon flies hundreds of thousands of passengers a year!

Helicopter Trips to the Grand Canyon

EC-130 at the floor of the West Rim on a Grand Canyon helicopter landing tour
Popular Tour

Grand Celebration Tour

This helicopter tour provides stunning aerial views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Grand Canyon West. Best of all, this tour lands at the bottom of the canyon on a private plateau overlooking the mighty Colorado River.

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Helicopter landed at the bottom during a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour
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Grand Celebration with Las Vegas Strip

Our most in-demand Grand Canyon helicopter tour! Experience a canyon floor landing with a champagne toast and refreshments. You can enhance your tour with a sunset departure, flying over the Las Vegas Strip just as the neon lights come to life.

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A Grand Canyon helicopter tour flies over the nearby Lake Mead en route to the park.
Popular Tour

Golden Eagle Air Tour

The perfect helicopter tour for Las Vegas guests who are pressed for time and wish to see as much of the Grand Canyon as possible. This tour includes aerial views of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead as well as the spectacular Grand Canyon.

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Golden Eagle with Vegas Strip

The Golden Eagle helicopter tour over the West Rim is the perfect tour for visitors with limited time to experience the Grand Canyon, the Las Vegas Strip, and the surrounding desert scenery from the sky.

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papillon helicopter landing at the bottom of the grand canyon west rim during grand voyager tour
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Grand Voyager Rim to River

Experience one of the most comprehensive Grand Canyon tours available! You'll fly from Vegas to Grand Canyon West and enjoy an airplane tour, helicopter tour, boating adventure, and several canyon viewpoints!

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Helicopter flying over the rim of Grand Canyon
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VIP at the Rim Helicopter Tour

Experience the West Rim from above and below on this VIP Grand Canyon helicopter tour - you'll even land on the very bottom! For the ultimate adventure, add entry to the Skywalk Bridge.

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View of Eagle Point and the Grand Canyon Skywalk

Skywalk Getaway with Heli and Boat

This canyon experience brings together some of the most popular activities available at Grand Canyon West. Guests will enjoy a helicopter tour that descends to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, a Colorado River boat tour, and access to the Skywalk Bridge!

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A Guide to the Different Types of Helicopter Tours from Vegas to the Grand Canyon

The Papillon Grand Celebration tour is the most luxurious Grand Canyon helicopter experience you can book on your next trip to Las Vegas! This tour lands at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (a 3,200-foot descent onto a private plateau of the Grand Canyon’s floor) and includes breathtaking views of the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon West. After landing, you’ll even get to enjoy champagne and a light picnic overlooking the Colorado River.

The Golden Eagle Helicopter Tour lets you experience magnificent aerial views of the West Rim of the Grand Canyon on a shorter and less expensive tour package without compromising the ‘wow’ factor. Departing from our private heliport in Boulder City, this helicopter tour includes aerial views of both Hoover Dam and Lake Mead before reaching the spectacular Grand Canyon West. Aboard your West Rim helicopter tour, you’ll soar over the Colorado River and West Rim lookouts such as Guano Point and Eagle Point.

Guests get a significant bang for their buck with the Grand Voyager Rim to River Tour. This Grand Canyon helicopter and boat tour from Las Vegas starts by boarding a fixed-wing airplane for a breathtaking flight to the West Rim. At the West Rim, hop on a state-of-the-art helicopter for a thrilling descent feet below the West Rim. You’ll land on a private plateau at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and then float on a pontoon boat along the Colorado River for a mile-long float. You’ll return to the rim via a helicopter flight, then board a shuttle for visits to spectacular views and photo opportunities like Guano Point and Eagle Point. This tour checks all the boxes to see every nook and cranny of Grand Canyon West Rim!

Aboard the Imperial with EcoStar tour you’ll see the absolute best views of the Grand Canyon, from an up-close and personal perspective that only a helicopter tour can provide on this 40-50 minute aerial sightseeing adventure! This South Rim tour departs from Grand Canyon National Park Airport, so you first have to fly from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon airport,  and provides sweeping views over the North Rim, South Rim, and the remote Eastern portions of the Canyon. During the entire tour, you’ll have close up views of many of the Grand Canyon’s most magical spots. You’ll see the deepest and widest part of the Canyon, a region called the Dragon Corridor, the North Rim’s rugged Imperial Point, and many other geological marvels.

Papillon’s North Canyon Helicopter Tour packs a huge punch is a top way to experience the majesty of the Grand Canyon. This South Rim tour also departs from Grand Canyon National Park Airport, the air terminal near Grand Canyon Village, and flies over  the Kaibab National Forest, across the deepest and widest part of the South Rim, following the mighty Colorado River toward the canyon's North Rim, the most remote and wild part of the entire park. Here, you'll witness incredible temples and buttes, including rock formations like the Tower of Ra and Vishnu Schist as you fly back through the Dragon Corridor before touching back down at the helipad.

What to Look for When Booking Your Helicopter Trip From Vegas To Grand Canyon

When planning your helicopter tour from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, there are several factors to consider. The type of helicopter ride you choose will depend on how much time you want to spend in each destination and what sights you would like to see along the way. Additionally, it's important to book your tour in advance, as helicopter tours are popular and fill up quickly.

Here are some important factors to look for when researching and booking a helicopter trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon:

  • Route: What route will you be taking? How far will it go? Will you be able to see iconic sights such as Hoover Dam and Lake Mead along the way?
  • Length of Flight: Most helicopter tours last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Make sure to choose one that fits your schedule and budget.
  • Landing Options: Many helicopter rides offer canyon floor or rim landing options for an in-depth exploration of the Grand Canyon.
  • Price: Helicopter rides vary in price, so make sure to compare different tour option before booking.

What is the Best Time To Take A Helicopter Trip From Vegas To Grand Canyon

When planning a helicopter tour from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important is when to take your trip. The best time for a helicopter tour is during spring and fall months, as temperatures tend to be milder then compared to summer or winter months. However, depending on your personal plans and preferences you may want to consider taking your trip any time of year! While the summers are hot, the air is dry and it is still quite comfortable. And winter is a beautiful time to visit. The region is less busy and the Kaibab National forest is dusted with snow.

No matter what helicopter tour you choose, your helicopter trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon is sure to be an incredible experience that will leave lasting memories. With breathtaking views and thrilling experiences around every corner, you're sure to have an unforgettable time on your helicopter ride to one of America's most beautiful national parks.


Most Popular Helicopter Tour Routes from Vegas to the Grand Canyon

The most popular routes for helicopter tours from Vegas to the Grand Canyon are trips to the Grand Canyon West Rim, and combination tours where you travel to the South Rim/Grand Canyon National Park on a sightseeing aircraft and then take a helicopter tour from the Grand Canyon airport.

The West Rim route is great for those looking for a shorter tour with breathtaking views. These tours typically take about two and a half hours.

At the West Rim, since it is not part of Grand Canyon National Park, you can also land at the bottom.

The Grand Canyon West Rim is owned and operated by the Hualapai Indian Tribe. This region is the home of breathtaking lookout points such as Eagle Point and Guano Point, the Grand Canyon glass bridge, along with the other West Rim attractions. You can also take a self guided tour of Eagle Point’s authentic Native American Village, head to the bottom of the Grand Canyon aboard a Papillon helicopter or raft the Colorado River, or walk on the world-renowned glass bridge, the Grand Canyon Skywalk, when you book a Papillon package that includes this attraction, such as the Grand Voyager tour with Skywalk.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive experience, then consider taking one of the longer South Rim tours. These tours, due to the distance, require you to first fly on a sightseeing aircraft to the Grand Canyon.

There are a number of activities to choose from on your visit to Grand Canyon South Rim. Our Grand Canyon National Park Guide can help you decide what is right for you.

The South Rim is the jumping off point for aerial sightseeing tours. Grand Canyon South Rim helicopter tours depart from Papillon’s South Rim Terminal located at Grand Canyon National Park Airport. Other package tours combine air and ground, including exciting full day adventures such as the Papillon’s Grand Canyon Tour With Hummer.

No matter which route you choose, a helicopter tour from Vegas to the Grand Canyon is an unforgettable experience. So make sure you plan ahead and get ready for an amazing adventure!

Papillon’s Helicopter Trips from Vegas to Grand Canyon

Papillon Helicopters offers an extensive range of tours over the Grand Canyon that are sure to provide an amazing experience. Our tours range from basic aerial tours that fly over the scenic points of Grand Canyon National Park to memorable canyon floor landings at Grand Canyon West Rim.  All of Papillon’s scenic flight packages take in Nevada and Arizona's most breathtaking sights.

Helicopter Trip from Vegas to Grand Canyon FAQs

How long does it take to get to the Grand Canyon by helicopter?

  • Papillon flies daily helicopter tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West Rim. That 130-mile trip takes approximately 45 minutes. The South Rim, where Grand Canyon National Park is headquartered, is a bit further away, about a  1 hours and 15-minute trip, and requires transport on a sightseeing aircraft from Las Vegas.

Which is the best helicopter tour in the Grand Canyon?

  • Papillon Helicopters provides the best Grand Canyon helicopter tours available in the region. We offer several different types of tours. Some of them can be found in Las Vegas, while others are located in Boulder City and the Grand Canyon South Rim. Passengers can choose between various routes that take them to multiple points in and around this area of Arizona's natural wonderland. The most popular tours depart from Las Vegas and flies to the Canyon's West Rim. The West Rim Tour takes passengers over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead before landing on top of a mountain on the west side of Grand Canyon National Park.

Is a Grand Canyon helicopter tour worth it?

  • Yes! Flying with Papillon on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour makes your trip to this natural wonder even more spectacular. Sure, it’s awe-inspiring to stand at the edge of the edge, but you'll only truly get a perspective on how enormous the Grand Canyon is when flying above it. With Papillon’s wide array of Grand Canyon tours you can land 4,000 feet below the rim of the canyon, soar over the Dragon Corridor, the widest and deepest part of the Grand Canyon, stroll across the glass-bottomed Grand Canyon Skywalk, or take the road less traveled to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in style aboard your VIP helicopter!