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Hoover Dam Tours from Vegas

Experience for yourself the engineering marvel that attracts more than 1 million visitors every year. The Hoover Dam is the 726-feet tall concrete structure that holds back the Colorado River and provides power to three separate states.  

Papillon provides daily Las Vegas tours that run to the world-famous Hoover dam. Plus, our tours fly as close to the dam as possible, offering an unrivaled view of the massive concrete structure.

For an even more awe-inspiring experience, upgrade your Hoover Dam tour to reach the Grand Canyon as well. When it comes to sightseeing near Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam is a spot you can’t miss.

Las Vegas to Hoover Dam

Lake View Heli Tour

Realize your dream of flight with our Lake View Helicopter Tour! This flight covers approximately five miles in the air and flies toward incredible Lake Mead, providing amazing views.






Hoover Dam Heli Tour

Lift off on an exciting helicopter flight that offers amazing views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Colorado River. This tour covers approximately 10 miles flying at 2,500 feet above Hoover Dam.






Black Canyon Heli Tour

Guests and passersby at Hoover Dam Lodge have the opportunity to see Lake Mead and Hoover Dam by air aboard a state-of-the-art Papillon helicopter. Passengers will continue on down the Colorado River to Black Canyon.






Hoover Dam Bus Tour

Let us drive you to Hoover Dam in a comfortable motorcoach. At Hoover Dam, you will explore its advanced innerworkings and can even stand atop this massive construction to look down 700 feet.

Bus Hoover Dam





Hoover Dam Deluxe Bus & Heli Tour

Take a guided tour inside the Hoover Dam and learn about the history and inner-workings of the modern marvel. Afterwards see an aerial view of the magnificent structure (along with the Colorado River and Lake Mead) in a state-of-the-art helicopter.

Helicopter Bus Hoover Dam


7 - 7½ HOURS



Highlights Air & Hoover Dam Bus Tour

This airplane tour features breathtaking sights of Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon. Upon return, guests board a coach for a guided tour covering the Hoover Dam and the history of its construction.

Airplane Bus Hoover Dam


6 - 6½ HOURS



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Types of Las Vegas Hoover Dam Tours

No matter what type of Hoover Dam tour you’re looking for, Papillon has you covered. Experience the incredible aerial views of the concrete structure by air, or wander through the dam's interior while gaining historical insights from our tour guides. Discover the best Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas for you.

Helicopter Tours from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam

Marvel at the incredible engineering of the Hoover Dam from a bird's eye view aboard one of Papillon’s world-class helicopter tours from Las Vegas. With more than 50 years flying the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon, Papillon is the largest and most experienced helicopter tour operator in the world.

We are proud to fly the most advanced tour helicopters available. Our helicopters offer unbeatable photo opportunities from the sky.

Learn more about helicopter tours from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam.

Bus Tours from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam

Cruise through the American Southwest aboard a bus tour from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam. As a passenger on one of Papillon’s luxury motorcoaches, your driver will guide you across the scenic desert landscape and the glistening Lake Mead. Upon arrival at Hoover Dam, you’ll be guided through a VIP tour of the modern day marvel.

Las Vegas bus tours to the Hoover Dam will provide history buffs with ample time to explore the massive generators and learn about the dam’s significance to United States history. Take a stroll along the observation deck across from the Mike O’Callaghan Pat-Tillman Memorial Bridge, spend some time in the museum, and view a short film on the dam’s construction. Once your time at the Hoover Dam has come to an end, you will board your motorcoach and be dropped off back in the Las Vegas area.

Discover all Hoover Dam bus tours from Las Vegas.

Tours From Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam

Can't decide between taking a tour of the Hoover Dam or flying over the Grand Canyon? With Papillon, you don't have to choose. We offer upgraded tours that will take you to see both of the southwestern marvels in a single package.

Embark on a sightseeing adventure of the great American southwest. Soar over the glistening Lake Mead, learn about the incredible construction of the Hoover Dam, and stare down into the deepest valleys of the Grand Canyon.

Learn more about tours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam

How Far is the Hoover Dam from Las Vegas?

The Hoover Dam is about 40 miles from the heart of Las Vegas. Visitors taking a shuttle service to the Hoover Dam from the McCarran International Airport can expect a quick 45-minute drive. We also offer free hotel transfers from most Las Vegas hotels.

The Hoover Dam is the ideal distance from Las Vegas for a quick and scenic day trip. During your drive from Las Vegas to the world-famous dam, you’ll pass through some of the American southwest’s most interesting landscapes. Gaze out the window at the desert landscape and the glistening waters of Lake Mead before reaching your destination at the Hoover Dam.

What is the Best Hoover Dam Tour from Las Vegas?

Papillon offers numerous exhilarating tours of the Hoover Dam from Vegas. Each tour provides a slightly different experience of the Hoover Dam. Not sure which tour is right for you? Our reservations specialists will help you find the best Hoover Dam tour from Las Vegas for your budget and personal preferences. Vacation is all about positive memorable experiences so feel free to ask our friendly staff for help finding the right fit for you.

Hoover Dam Tours from Vegas FAQs

How Far is the Hoover Dam from Las Vegas?
How Do I Get to the Hoover Dam from the Las Vegas Airport?
  • The drive from McCarran International Airport to the Hoover Dam is approximately 45 minutes.

    Visitors reaching the dam in a rental car or personal vehicle can park in the parking structure near the visitor center on the Nevada side, or in an open parking lot on the Arizona side.

    Additionally, several of our Hoover Dam tours offer complimentary transportation to and from your Las Vegas hotel.

What is the Best Hoover Dam Tour from Las Vegas?
  • Papillon offers multiple exhilarating tours of the Hoover Dam from Vegas. Each helicopter, airplane, and bus tour offers a slightly different experience of the Hoover Dam.