A panoramic view of the Las Vegas Strip casinos at night.

Las Vegas Vacation and Destination Guide


Located in the Mojave Desert in Southern Nevada, this international vacation destination began as a small Western gambling town. Las Vegas is approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes from Los Angeles to the southwest and 4.5 hours from Phoenix to the southeast.


Due to its desert location, Las Vegas experiences subtropical conditions year-round. Standard annual weather typically includes mild to brisk winters and extremely hot summers, often reaching above 100 F (38 C). These hot conditions usually begin in June and last through September, with semi-frequent monsoon seasons appearing in July and August. The powerful heat is often subsided by extremely low humidity, creating what is also known as “dry heat”. Light clothing, hats, and sun protection are highly encouraged when spending time outdoors in Las Vegas.


Hoover Dam

Just under an hour from the Las Vegas Strip lies one of the United States’ most impressive constructions. See the sights from the sky on a Hoover Dam helicopter tour from Las Vegas, then explore its inner-workings and observation deck on a Hoover Dam tour.

Las Vegas Strip Tour

The Las Vegas Strip offers some of the most thrilling sights and experiences in the world. Each casino offers a different theme with dazzling architecture and brilliant lights and signs. Take to the skies and experience all of these remarkable constructions onboard a Las Vegas helicopter tour. Or after a long day of exploring, see the stunning lights of the Strip on a sunset helicopter tour.


The Las Vegas Strip stretches over 5 miles with nearly 30 magnificent casinos scattered across its entirety. The entire Strip is lined with paved sidewalk with elevators next to each raised stairway bridge. Additionally, the Strip and surrounding area featured 46 certified accessible hotels. Additionally, our Grand Canyon bus tours feature complimentary hotel pick-up in a fully accessible motorcoach. Visit our accessibility page to learn more about wheelchair accessibility on our aircraft.

An aerial photo of the Hoover Dam with the Colorado River behind it.
Hoover Dam Tour and Destination Guide

The Hoover Dam is one of the Southwest's most impressive feats of architecture - and it's just a short journey from Las Vegas. Explore the ways you can tour this historic construction, including helicopter tours and guided interior tours.