Water splashes on passengers aboard a raft.

Grand Canyon National Park Attractions

The Grand Canyon National Park offers the most spectacular sightseeing opportunities of the canyon landscape, at many unique vantage points. There are a variety of tours available to visitors to enhance their sightseeing experience, including airplane flights and helicopter tours, Hummer excursions, and rafting adventures. Visitors to the Grand Canyon can also enjoy a great many activities during their stay, all located within or near the national park.

If you’re planning to visit the Grand Canyon National Park, don’t miss these exciting attractions:

Air Tours

One can only see so far while gazing out at the Grand Canyon from the edge. Take to the skies and witness the stone gorge expand as far as the eye can see! Grand Canyon helicopter tours allow passengers to take breathtaking aerial photos of the striped rock formations below as well as the Colorado River and surrounding Kaibab Forest. Airplane tours also operate daily at the park, and offer equally-impressive photography opportunities.

Opportunities to Learn

There are limitless scientific and historical aspects involving the Grand Canyon. Even to this day, new information surfaces that can potentially rewrite the entire story of this region. There are a great deal of programs available to visitors to help them learn and understand the fascinating details of the Grand Canyon. For example, “Ask A Ranger” events are scheduled throughout the year, as well as hikes, stargazing nights, and evenings around the campfire all hosted by knowledgeable park rangers.


Additionally, there are many informative charts, maps, and exhibit scattered throughout the canyon rim offering interesting facts to passersby. Don’t forget to wander the National Geographic Visitor Center for more fascinating exhibits, including a free 30-minute IMAX film equipped with sensory Surround Sound audio.


Many areas throughout the Grand Canyon National Park are available for camping, both in tents and recreational vehicles. It is important to note that some campsites are first-come/first-serve and some require reservations, often months in advance. Grand Canyon camping is also possible all the way at the floor near the bank of the Colorado River; however, the hike to reach the bottom is strenuous and only recommended for experienced hikers.

River Rafting

Perhaps the most high-demand Grand Canyon activity is rafting along the Colorado River. To raft the entire Grand Canyon can take up to 20 days, and is often booked over a year in advance. Shorter tours can be 5-7 days or 3-5 days,  and are in equally-high demand. Learn more about planning the ultimate sightseeing adventure aboard a rafting trip from a variety of tour operators in the area, or check out a Grand Canyon rafting day tour from the National Park.

Mule Tours

One of the oldest and most unique methods of touring the Grand Canyon is actually on the back of a mule! Guided mule tours operate daily and, despite being a high-demand activity requiring an advance reservation,  it is a sightseeing opportunity unlike any other. These creatures have traversed the rugged canyon paths so many times, you don’t even need to steer them.