Small Groups

Family Reunions, Wedding Parties, etc. (Groups of 10-29)

Are you organizing a family reunion in Arizona or Southern Nevada? Are you putting together a list of possible Vegas daytime activities for your bachelor/bachelorette group? Maybe you are a meeting planner looking for an exciting soft adventure excursion for a group of clients. In any case Papillon Helicopters and Scenic Airlines are here to help you out! We have the capacity to handle groups of nearly any size and our online reservation tools allow you to research prices and book small groups right from the comfort and convenience of your computer. We offer extremely competitive pricing online. Your group will also receive hands on service from our dedicated Group Services Department. Our GSD agents are familiar with the ins and outs of group travel and serve as a primary point of contact for the entire process! Give your group a Las Vegas Grand Canyon tour experience they will never forget. Book online today, or contact Group Services ( to get started!

Large Groups

Motor Coach Tours, Special Events, etc. (Groups of 30+)

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For the past 20 years Papillon Helicopters and Grand Canyon Airlines have been the premier provider of Grand Canyon tours to medium and large groups. Our terminals, fleet capacity, and staff are well equipped to show the wonders and stunning beauty of Grand Canyon to groups from 30 to 300+ passengers. Our parking lots can easily accommodate multiple motor coaches and our Group Services staff have years of experience working with the complexities of group organized travel. Our hands-on methods insure that every step of the process, from research, booking, payment, and travel all flow smoothly. Booking via our Groups Services Department also insures that your passengers, as much as physically possible, fly together on the same aircraft and follow the same schedule. All this built-in coordination allows you, your guide, or your driver to focus on the needs of your passengers and not on minutia! Call or email today to get started!

Aircraft Charters

From Charters, Leisure Flights, Utility Services & Even Regional Emergencies, Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters has been setting the standard for nearly 40 years!

Being the world's largest helicopter tour company allows us to meet all of your needs. We have extensive film & video experience with locations in Nevada, Arizona, and California. We are able to provide service for movies, commercials, documentaries, music videos, location scouting, and logistical support for your production. We have professional film pilots and SAG pilots on staff. Aircraft availability includes: AStars, ECOStars, and JetRangers. Fuel truck available.

Credits: Wild Wild West, Remake Vanishing Point, Next, several IMAX films, Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, BBC, Extreme Makeover, Tactical to Practical, Euro Disney, Arizona Tourism Office and many others.

Contracting, Utility and Chartering
Originating from GCN, LAS, and Southwest USA Call: (928) 638-9330