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Grand Canyon from the Lookout Studio looking north up Bright Angel gorge

Grand Canyon Tours

Papillon offers a wide range of Grand Canyon National Park experiences at the South Rim, perfect for the whole family. Our South Rim helicopter tours and sightseeing airplane tours fly you over the deepest and widest regions of the canyon. We also operate ground tours aboard a customized open-air Hummer vehicle, so you can explore the best lookout points on foot. See the Grand Canyon South from the sky, from the edge, or along the Colorado River with Papillon!

Fly Over the Grand Canyon

A rainbow helicopter flies over the Grand Canyon and Colorado River.

North Canyon Tour

Fly over the widest and deepest parts of the South Rim on this Grand Canyon helicopter tour - you'll see towering rock formations, the lush Kaibab Forest, and the Colorado River from above!

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A helicopter tour seen mid-flight over the Grand Canyon

Imperial with EcoStar

This Grand Canyon helicopter tour flies over the deepest and widest sections of the national park, for aerial views of 1.7 million-year-old stone! You'll also see the Kaibab Forest, the Colorado River, and tons of unique rock formations.

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A red and white airplane flies over the Grand Canyon in a clear sky.
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Grand Discovery Air Tour

This airplane tour showcases the most incredible sights of the Grand Canyon's South and East Rims. You'll see impressive aerial views of ancient rock formations, the Kaibab Forest, and the Colorado River between the canyon walls.

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Rainbow livery Grand Canyon Tour helicopter

North Canyon Family Flight

This Grand Canyon helicopter tour shows you aerial views of the deepest and widest parts of the South Rim, as well as the Colorado River, the Kaibab Forest, and plenty of unique rock formations. The perfect family adventure!

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with 4 person group
a red helicopter lands at the grand canyon air terminal after a tour over the South Rim

Imperial Air Tour on Eco Family Flight

Explore the North and East Rims of the Grand Canyon on a helicopter tour offering 180-degree views and aerial sights of the deepest and widest parts of the park. Recommend for groups of 4+.

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with 4 person group

Rim and Air Adventures

hummer tour passengers stand at a grand canyon national park lookout point

North Canyon Tour with Hummer

This Grand Canyon adventure begins with a helicopter tour over the deepest and widest regions of the South Rim, and includes ground transport to multiple scenic lookout points aboard an open-air Hummer vehicle.

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a touring airplane flies over the grand canyon south

Grand Discovery Rim to Sky

Explore the Grand Canyon National Park from all angles with this combo airplane tour and Hummer ground excursion. You'll see views of the canyon expanse from the sky, then travel to multiple famous lookout points on an open-air Hummer vehicle.

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a touring airplane flies over the grand canyon south rim and its lush forestry

Private Grand Discovery Air Tour

This private Grand Canyon South Rim airplane tour flies over the deepest and widest rock gorges in the entire park - perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

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with 6 person group

Ground Tours

Family standing near the edge of the Grand Canyon with a Buck Wild Hummer in the foreground.

The Signature Tour

This Grand Canyon South Rim ground tour takes place aboard a customized open-air Hummer vehicle, which will take you to several famous lookout points with time to explore at each!

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the Colorado River flowing between two massive canyon walls

Grand Canyon Coach and River Trip

Enjoy a peaceful float along the Colorado River on this exciting tour from the Grand Canyon. Along the way, you'll see ancient petroglyphs and you'll even travel through the world-famous Horseshoe Bend!

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Discover Page/Antelope Canyon

a raft floats along the Colorado River
New Experience

Canyon and River Adventures Tour

Experience the best of the Desert Southwest with an airplane flight over the Grand Canyon, a guided tour into the depths of Antelope Canyon, and a rafting adventure along the Colorado River and through Horseshoe Bend!

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horseshoe bend in page arizona seen with a cloudy sky in the background
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Grand Canyon with Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend

Experience the wonders of the Grand Canyon at sunrise, and tour Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon all in one day. Take a helicopter from Grand Canyon National Park to Page, AZ, as you enjoy the pinks and reds of the sun’s early light across the Canyon. Once on the ground, take a guided tour that includes views of the spectacular Horseshoe Bend and an exploration of Antelope Canyon.

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Grand Canyon Tour FAQs

What are the best Grand Canyon Tours?

    • Papillon offers Grand Canyon trips daily that can take you to the West Rim, South Rim, or North Rim. The Grand Canyon is an easy day tour from Las Vegas. All of our Las Vegas Tours to Grand Canyon as well as our Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours from the national park fly daily!

What cities feature tours to the Grand Canyon?

What is the best way to tour Grand Canyon National Park?

    • If you are short on time and want to see a lot of the Grand Canyon South Rim an air tour is the best way to spend your time. Remember, Grand Canyon National Park is huge at 1.7 million acres and, aboard an air tour, visitors have a chance to see the most photogenic viewpoints this beautiful destination offers.

What is the best part of the Grand Canyon to visit?

  • Both the Grand Canyon South Rim and the West Rim offer equally exciting, but different, sightseeing experiences. The South Rim contains some of the most world-famous views of the park, as well as shopping, dining, and a variety of hotels. The West Rim is a more rugged and natural location, and is home to the Skywalk Bridge, two unique lookout points, and a nearby Native American village to explore. The West Rim is also the only region where helicopter tours land on the bottom of the Grand Canyon.



How much is a tour of the Grand Canyon?

    • The price of each Grand Canyon tour is based on the type of tour and the length of your tour but ranges between $200 and $500 or more.  Papillon offers helicopter, airplane, ground, and boat tours of the Grand Canyon. Trips range from a quick sightseeing tour to a trip where you land at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in a helicopter and then take a float trip on the Colorado River!

Should I book a Grand Canyon tour in advance?

  • It is highly recommended that you book your Grand Canyon tour in advance. Whether you are flying to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, or would like to experience a tour while already at the Grand Canyon, it is non uncommon for tours to sell out on a regular basis. Check Papillon's available dates listed on tour pages and book your tour today!

What is the best time of the year to visit the Grand Canyon?

    • When planning your trip to the Grand Canyon, look to visit in either the spring or fall for the most comfortable weather. The months of April and May offer warm days, cooler nights, and you might even be able to capture photographs with snow on the canyon rims in throughout the Kaibab National Forest. Late October and November, prime time during the fall season to experience smaller crowds and all-around beautiful weather before winter hits, are exceptional times to visit.

When not to visit the Grand Canyon?

  • Summers at the Grand Canyon can reach high temperatures with powerful sunlight. The later summer months can also experience sudden rainstorms. In the winter months, the temperature at the Grand Canyon drops and annual snowfall is to be expected. The canyon still experiences visitation year round, but springtime and fall are the most popular times to visit.

How much is the entrance fee to the Grand Canyon?

  • The entry fees for Grand Canyon National Park vary depending on the vehicle being used. Current entrance fees are listed here. Prices for Grand Canyon West general admission, which provides a day pass to the tourism area of the Hualapai Indian reservation, which includes the Grand Canyon Skywalk, are available here.

How many days do you really need for the Grand Canyon?

  • The length of your visit to the Grand Canyon depends on your desires and interests. At the Grand Canyon National Park, you can stay at a variety of hotels located along the canyon's edge and explore for several days, or you can visit on a day tour from Las Vegas. At the West Rim, you can experience a helicopter landing on the very bottom, the Skywalk bridge, the most popular lookout points, and the nearby Native American village in just a day's time on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas.

Where do you stay when visiting the Grand Canyon?

  • At the Grand Canyon South Rim, there are a variety of both modern and historic hotels, some of which are located along the canyon rim and offer stunning views. You can also camp or park an RV at the South Rim with reservations. It is highly recommended to book your stay in advance as these hotels and campgrounds are very high-demand.

    The West Rim also offers camping and glamping, as well as nearby cabins available for rent, and these are recommended to be booked in advance, as well. The West Rim can be fully experienced on a day tour from Las Vegas, so an overnight stay is not always necessary.

Is Antelope Canyon near the Grand Canyon?

    • Antelope Canyon is located about 2 hours northeast of the Grand Canyon South Rim. Luckily with Papillon, you don’t have to make the drive. Simply hop aboard an airplane from the Grand Canyon South Rim for a full-day adventure. Learn more about the Grand Canyon airplane tour with Antelope Canyon and river rafting excursions.

How long do you fly over the actual Canyon?

  • The distance covered during your Grand Canyon air tour can vary depending on whether you are traveling aboard an airplane tour or a helicopter tour, and the duration of tour that you select. No matter how much time you have to spend on your Grand Canyon day trip, we have the perfect tour to show you the most beautiful aerial views of the park!


Grand Canyon Tours From the South Rim

See the Grand Canyon from a brand new perspective aboard a South Rim helicopter tour or sightseeing airplane flight with Papillon! Our all-encompassing tours, including Hummer ground tours and river rafting adventures, offer the most impressive views of the largest expanses of the park. 

Whether by airplane, ground, or helicopter, the Grand Canyon National Park, also known as the South Rim, features some of the most majestic topography on the planet. We should know - we've been taking guests on tours of the area for 60 years!

Watch the Helicopter Ride Grand Canyon Video

Fly over a huge portion of Grand Canyon National Park aboard one of Papillon’s helicopters which are designed specifically for tourism.

Best Grand Canyon Tour Packages

Papillon has flown the Grand Canyon since 1965 and has established itself as the world's most experienced and largest sightseeing company operating in the National Park. 

Our goal is to offer the most innovative tours of the Grand Canyon available, allowing you to see each and every unique section of the 6,000 foot deep, 277-mile long, 18-mile wide canyon. On all our trips, whether by helicopter, airplane, boat, or Hummer vehicle, you’ll learn about the history and the geology of the canyon with the first and largest Grand Canyon helicopter sightseeing company!

Visiting the South Rim soon? Check out our Grand Canyon National Park Guide for more information about Grand Canyon National Park activities, attractions, visitor information, and more.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

We are the preferred helicopter tour provider for the Grand Canyon National Park Service and we're certified to fly the entire Grand Canyon. We are proud to fly the most advanced tour helicopters available. Our EC-130s provide forward-facing, theater-style seating for unobstructed 180-degree views of the canyon’s majestic landscapes.

Aboard our luxury helicopter tours, you can gaze across the Grand Canyon’s vast expanse and straight down to the depths of the canyon floor. You can always expect best-in-class safety, service, and sightseeing during your tour with Papillon. 

Discover all of the Grand Canyon helicopter tours today.

Grand Canyon Airplane Tours

Experience magnificent aerial views soaring over the Grand Canyon aboard one of Papillon’s sightseeing airplane tours. Our aircraft are equipped with headphones for tour narration in multiple languages, climate-controlled cabins, plush seating, and high wings for unobstructed sightseeing and photography opportunities of the magnificent scenery beneath you.

Browse all of the Grand Canyon airplane tours with Papillon.

Grand Canyon Ground Tours

Want to visit as many famous Grand Canyon lookout points as possible? Book a Hummer tour and travel to several of the South Rim's most remarkable sights. During your tour along historic Desert View Drive, you’ll make several photo stops at scenic viewpoints and lookouts with time to explore at each. You can even book your Hummer tour at sunset for an even more magical view!

Grand Canyon Rafting Tours

Are you ready to escape the crowds at the Grand Canyon? Enjoy a day trip to the nearby city of Page, Arizona, where you can experience a Colorado River rafting adventure. You'll float through the world-famous Horseshoe Bend and even explore the depths of the mystical Antelope Canyon!

Check out the Grand Canyon rafting trips that Papillon offers!

Grand Canyon South Rim Attractions

The Grand Canyon South Rim has grown to be one of the most visited destinations in the world, boasting upwards of 6 million tourists each year. Between the breathtaking views and countless activities - Hummer excursions, helicopter tours, airplane tours, and rafting trips to name a few - the Grand Canyon has undoubtedly earned its status as one of the World's Seven Natural Wonders.

Incredible sights and formations can be found in nearly every direction on tours of the Grand Canyon South Rim. Aboard a South Rim helicopter tour, you can catch aerial views of many of these world-renowned landscapes.

  • Glimpse Zuni Point, the scenic overlook nestled into the South Rim
  • Pass over Dragon Corridor, the deepest and widest part of the Grand Canyon
  • Gaze out as you soar over the Kaibab National Forest. This enormous blend of aspens, spruces, pines, and firs is sure to take your breath away. You may even see deer, mountain lions, or black bears in their natural environment. 

Papillon also offers incredible ground tours of the Grand Canyon South Rim as well. Hop aboard a customized open-air Hummer vehicle for a tour through the Grand Canyon National Park. Hummer tours will stop at several of the Grand Canyon's most famous lookout points for photos and time to explore at each location.

Discover all Grand Canyon South Rim Tours.